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Abby Broussard

Austin, TX

Hi there!  I’m Abby Broussard, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant with Sleep Wise.  I live in my beautiful hometown of Austin, Texas with my amazing and supportive husband Kenneth and our sweet baby girl, Sunny.

Abby’s story

Prior to joining Sleep Wise, I served my community as a portable Ultrasound Technologist for 10 years.

I thoroughly enjoyed my job and take great pride in helping people and being a part of a team.  I worked closely with patients, their families and other healthcare professionals to provide the best care possible.

I joined Sleep Wise after having a truly life changing experience as a client. I wasn't sleeping, my husband wasn't sleeping, I felt like I was letting my entire family down and I felt like a complete failure as a mom.

I tried looking online and was overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting, outdated, and sometimes completely outrageous information I found.  I was too exhausted to read a book, and frankly did not have any more time or sanity to spend on troubleshooting this.  I needed a real person to talk to and help me.   Getting that help ignited a desire to help other families.  Kenneth and I reconnected as a couple and as new parents.

Since becoming a parent, I have realized how much support parents need with their babies’ sleep and how little they actually receive at times.

I’m very excited to be a part of this team and a part of this change!  Let’s do this!

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