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Alison Milam

Newmarket, NH

Hi, my name is Alison Milam and I live in Seacoast New Hampshire with my husband Tyler, our daughter Sophie and our beloved dog Rocky.  My family loves a good adventure: traveling, hiking and fly-fishing to name a few.

Alison's Story

In August of 2018 we became first time parents. Ten fingers, ten toes, her Daddy’s nose- perfection.

The first weeks were challenging, amazing, exciting…and also exhausting. We googled, read books and asked friends and family- will we ever sleep again? We assumed, like all of our friends, that we had to adjust to our new normal. That parenthood meant no sleep. I was once so tired that I misplaced my car keys, only to find them later in the refrigerator.

Prior to becoming parents, we were sleep people. 

We went to bed early, took our fair share of daytime naps on the weekends and tiredness was always a trigger for grumpiness. This no sleep thing was NOT GOOD. To make it worse…Tyler had already returned to work and I had just one short month before I returned to work myself. How could I function back at work like this? I could barely muster a shower, getting dressed and maybe 2 hours at a time of nighttime sleep.

We were not super hopeful that anyone could help and I was still really scared about the “Cry It Out” methods I had heard about.

Referred by a friend, we learned that parenthood did not have to mean sleepless nights and that Sleep Wise would create a plan tailored just for our baby. We were so excited at the prospect of a good night’s sleep and couldn’t wait to give it a shot. Much to our surprise Sophie began to sleep through the night within in a short time.  I remember the panic that ensued on the first night Sophie slept through the night, had I missed her cries?  I raced to the nursery to that she was still peacefully sleeping. Best day ever!

Turns out a well-rested baby is not only a happy baby, but a happy family! I am so excited for the opportunity to help another family, maybe yours?

I’ve been in your shoes and know what a toll exhaustion can take on all aspects of your life.  Sleep skills to last a lifetime can be found here at Sleep Wise, my family is living proof.

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