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Chris Baptiste

Boston, MA

Hi! My name is Chris and I’m a Certified Pediatric Sleep Wise Consultant.  I live just north of Boston with my husband, Dan, and two young daughters, Mae and Violet.

Chris' story

Prior to becoming a Sleep Wise Consultant I earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Stonehill College and spent 7 years working in radio (where I met my husband), advertising, and technology.

What I didn’t realize at the time is all of these life experiences would help shape how I approach motherhood.

I prepared for motherhood in so many ways: researched the best gear, set up the nursery, found a great pediatrician, and read books to help me prepare for this new life.

When Mae (our 1st) was born, like so many moms, I faced a difficult decision: continue to work or leave it behind and start a new chapter as a full-time mom.  I took the plunge and decided to be home full-time with Mae. 

Faced with the daunting task of finding my new identity, I immediately sought the support of a new moms group. It was during a conversation at this group that our instructor said that sleep training would be the first thing I would teach my baby, it would be challenging, and it would be worth it.  I immediately dove in and was excited to learn as much as I could on the subject.  Mae and I were both starting this brand new life together and it was up to me to decide what that was going to look like.

My second child’s needs were so different from my first. She needed to be next to me all night.

I was exhausted and in survival mode, which was difficult for both of us. I tried multiple methods, but wasn’t able to get Violet on a predictable sleep routine until she was 7 months old – and those 7 months felt like an eternity.  Filled with trial and error, confusion, and conflicting information, I wished that I had known someone to guide me, to support me so I didn’t feel like I was the only mom going through this, and to get me back to the other side.

I know that Sleep Wise has come into my life now so that I can help change this process for other families.

The process to become a certified sleep consultant was transformative for me and now I am so thankful to have the ability to guide families through what feels like a complex world of sleep. Getting your child to sleep well doesn’t have to be a confusing, frustrating, emotional process – and often when we’re overly emotional we make decisions we wouldn’t otherwise have.  When you are in control of your sleep plan, you make the shift to an organized, supportive approach that will bring your family to a place of peace.  This is how I approach my practice, and I am excited to understand where you are and assist with this transition.  It would be an honor to help all members of your family feel healthy, whole and rested!

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