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Hey! Halle Markwas here, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant with Sleep Wise Consulting. I live on the edge of the vibrant and ever-growing Columbus, Ohio with my husband, TJ and my sweet son Lane.

Halle’s story

When I’m not working as a real-life Sandman (magic sleeping sprinkles not included), I serve as the Manager of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships for the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association.

I’ve been in the hotel business my entire adult working life and have always had a passion for the hospitality industry and a special appreciation for the peaceful night of home-away-from-home sleep that a quality hotel can provide its guests.  If I can help build the perfect night’s sleep in sleek business hotels and cozy lodges across Ohio, why can’t we do the same for parents who just want a peaceful night’s sleep for their babies and themselves in their own homes?  I wanted to provide the same restful feeling to my household once my son, Lane came along. Lane sleeping through the night at nine weeks.

We were obviously thrilled, but rightfully had that “Maybe that was TOO easy” concern. Sure enough, Lane regressed around four months and put us back to where we started.

That’s when I made the call to Sleep Wise, where a well-trained consultant had him sleeping through the night again in a just a few days. That was enough to hook me. I was able to use what I learned to help some fellow new parents in my neighborhood and knew right away this was a skill worth advancing and sharing.

Now I’m here to help! As your consultant, I want to create a personalized sleep plan for your child that fits your own parenting style.

I value a full night’s sleep and reject the assumption that sleepless nights come with the territory for new parents.  Together we’ll teach your little one independent sleeping skills that will reap lifelong benefits and get your entire family acquainted with sweet dreams and lots of ZZZZZZs.

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