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Heather Wallace

Waco, TX

Hi, my name is Heather Wallace, and I live in Chip and Joanna Land (aka Waco, TX)! I have an amazing husband who always pushes me to pursue my dreams, and we have three adventurous, curious boys. 

Heather’s story

Prior to joining the Sleep Wise Consulting team, I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education, Early Childhood-4th grade.

I taught Pre-K for three years and then had the opportunity to stay home with my children for seven years. Now I am blessed to have my DREAM jobs: mentoring Head Start teachers and transforming families sleep as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant with Sleep Wise Consulting.

My sleep journey started when my oldest son was born with feeding and sleep issues in 2013.

Even after overnight sleep improved, daytime naps eluded us. I remember rocking him while he screamed in my arms. By 10:00am, I was in tears everyday. I reached out to other Moms in my life who recommended teaching my sweet little guy independent sleep skills. After just a couple days of practice, he started putting himself to sleep without a peep, and within a week, he was taking full naps. He turned into an easy-going, happy baby! I was sold after that. I had two more children close together and each one had very different sleep needs. I became fascinated with troubleshooting schedules, implementing healthy sleep habits, and identifying the causes of little ones’ sleep issues. Through this process, I was so thankful for the amazing resource I found in Sleep Wise. Katie Pitts’ guidance to my family was invaluable. For years, I used my vast experience with my three children to help others through an admin role of a large Moms’ Facebook group.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to continue to help families get all the sleep they deserve through this role on the Sleep Wise team!

 It is my joy to support parents on their journey to become #restedasamother. Taking tired parents from utter exhaustion and chaos to well-rested predictability is my passion, so what are you waiting for!?

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