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Kelly Anderson

Fairfax, VA

Hi! My name is Kelly Anderson and I’m a certified sleep consultant with Sleep Wise Consulting. My husband Matt and I live in Virginia with our daughter Lyla, and twins, Ellie and Brooks.

Kelly's Story

Prior to joining the Sleep Wise Team, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Spanish and a Master’s in Elementary Education from the University of Mary Washington.

Over the last six years I have had the joy of teaching third grade. I have always loved working with children, and I am excited to bring that passion to Sleep Wise!

When I found out I was expecting my first daughter, Lyla, I was overjoyed, I had always wanted to be a Mom!

As excited as I was, I was not ready for the emotions and self doubt that come with being a new mom. I felt so lost around the best way to get her to sleep, despite all of the research I was doing. All that excitement I had about being a new Mom quickly faded into exhaustion and defeat.

Flash forward 15 months, and we found out we were expecting our twins, Ellie & Brooks.

We were shocked, I was excited and so nervous. I thought I would feel so prepared going into a second pregnancy and newborn, but I felt just overwhelmed as I did when Lyla was born! My twins were born very quickly into the world 2 months early, and spent 2 months in the NICU. Bringing home my babies from the NICU was terrifying, and we suffered through many sleepless nights before I finally reached out to Sleep Wise to get help to get them sleeping through the night. We were exhausted, mentally and physically, and I felt like I was failing my family. I was very apprehensive about sleep training my twins after the NICU and all they had been through, but it was the best decision we could have made for our family. Sleep Wise changed our lives. I felt so supported the entire time, and was equipped with a plan and guidance to get my twins sleeping 12 hours a night. I knew by the end of Night 1 I wanted to help other families solve their sleep issues.

I believe that all families can get the rest they deserve, and feel honored to be part of the incredible team that can make that happen for you!

When we work together, you will have my one on one support to becoming a well-rested family. I can’t wait to get you there!

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