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Megan Kumpf

Seattle, WA

Hi Everyone, my name is Megan Kumpf. I currently live in Washington with my husband and 3 kids. When I’m not helping families achieve their sleep goals you can find me sipping coffee, browsing target or adventuring in the outdoors with my family

Megan’s story

I am blessed to be a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant with Sleep Wise Consulting.

I have a background in teaching early childhood education and development as well as many years working with families as a private nanny. I have a passion for helping others by sharing what I love.

Before, my first son was born, I had the privilege of learning about the benefits of independent sleep through the family I nannied for.

When my son was born in 2015, I had read and sifted through many sleep books. He was a wonderful sleeper from the beginning and I truly thought I had this baby sleep thing mastered.

My second son was born in 2017, and I quickly learned I didn’t fully understand how baby sleep worked.

After some trouble shooting and amazing sleep advice from Sleep Wise; he was soon getting the rest he needed and so was I. My third baby was born in 2019, and I got to try our newborn plan on her from the very start – I can not say enough good things about how amazing our sleep plans are. If you have a new baby there is no greater gift than sleep.

I would love to come alongside you in your parenting journey and give your family the restful sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

I will be there to guide you and cheer you on, so you can achieve your sleep goals and enjoy the benefits of being a well rested family. I’m ready to get started when you are – it’s never too late. I look forward to speaking with you about creating a unique sleep plan for your child.

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