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Monica Maldonado

Dallas, TX

Hi, my name is Monica Maldonado and I understand exactly how you feel right now because I have been there!  My husband Joel and I live in North Texas with our son Samuel.

Monica’s story

Prior to joining the Sleep Wise team, and before Samuel was born, I spent seven years working for my church.

Before that I earned a bachelor’s degree from Dallas Baptist University. My husband and I welcomed Samuel into our family in July 2018. We immediately hopped on the sleep struggle bus!

Our little guy was getting his days and nights confused, taking short naps, and up until midnight almost every night.

He was not doing what the book (any book) said he was supposed to be doing and I couldn’t understand it! In my first-time mom naivety, I spent every free minute I had reading book after book and Googling until my fingers turned blue.

Finally, at 11 weeks I reached rock bottom and decided I needed help! I started working with Sleep Wise Consulting and our lives changed drastically—practically overnight! Samuel began sleeping through the night and taking great naps. All thanks to the customized plan and coaching we received from our consultant.

This led to a passion in me for helping families learn and implement healthy sleep habits—to the benefit of the entire family.

My passion to help others stems from my previous line of work. I truly enjoy walking with others and coaching them through life’s ups and downs. Every parent needs’ someone cheering them on, and I would love to do that for you! Let’s talk more about your family and your child’s sleep!

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