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Neema Patel

Chicago, IL

Hi there! My name is Neema Patel. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and part of the amazing Sleep Wise Consulting Team. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with my husband, Rovin, and two beautiful children: Nara and Ayan.

Neema's Story

Prior to becoming a Sleep Wise Consultant, I gave up my professional career and followed my passion to start my own dance school.

I have spent 7 years teaching dance, growing my business, and learning entrepreneurship. Sharing the art of dance has truly taught me so much in life and continuously brings me immense amounts of joy.

In the Fall of 2015, we were so ecstatic to add our daughter, Nara to the family.

The peaceful depiction I had of having a baby in my life, quickly became a distant image. I was up every 45 minutes of the night for the first 4 months of her life – mentally and physically drained. My husband and I became, not only exhausted, but irritable and defeated. With guidance from some books, veteran parents, research, and some tough nights of sleep training we were able to get our sweet girl sleeping well. Getting a full night’s rest, turned us into better parents and spouses. Parenthood is challenging, but it also comes with a lot of joy. Being sleep deprived does not have to be a part of that journey.

I became so passionate about sleep and how it affects us as parents.

Over the years I’ve helped countless friends and families through the most difficult times with their children’s sleep. I felt so blessed to play a small part in changing families and their well-being. This joy led me wanting to help more families experience the same restful and predictable sleep my family gets to experience every day.

Every baby and family are different but getting restful sleep does not have to be a dream.

Let’s get started on your journey to great sleep! I would be honored to guide you step-by-step to successfully bring back peace and sleep in to your homes.

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