The Daycare Debacle: My Baby Isn’t Napping Well There

Infant Sleep

Sometimes you can’t be in control of all the details in your child’s life and you have to entrust them to others. When that happens, it’s always good to have a plan in place and make things flow as smoothly for your little one as possible.

When your child goes to day care, you may notice they aren’t behaving the same. Sure, they may learn some new behaviors from the other children, but it’s also possible they aren’t getting the same quality or quantity of rest they get with you at home.

But you can work on that and help their sleep improve so that they are still happy when you are at home instead of tired and cranky, because you definitely don’t want to lose any more time with them than necessary.

So how can you ensure your child naps well when you aren’t even there?

It’s all about communication and remembering who actually sets your child’s routine (hint: that’s you…but you’re not alone, so maybe it’s time for a team huddle). You need to ask questions.

Questions To Ask Your Child’s Day Care For The Best Sleep

Don’t be timid; it’s totally okay (actually, it’s downright wonderful!) for you to take an interest in the details of your child’s day, even for the moments you can’t share with them.

  • When Do They Nap?
  • Where Do They Nap?
  • How Are They Put Down For Nap Time?

Ask what the nap time routines are: where they sleep, how they are put down for their naps, about the noise level in the room/building when it’s rest time, if the napping room is darkened, and so on.

Understanding what’s going on will help you get a clear picture of why you child may not be sleeping well enough during the day to be well rested at home.

You may find out it’s the next best thing to being at home with you and they’re doing everything just like you would and it could just be a shift in sleep patterns, or you might discover that their systems are radically different than your own and your child is quite possibly very confused.

How To Adapt To Necessary Changes

Chances are that while your day care is doing their best for your child, the presence of other kids and a different environment are part of what is throwing your little one off. They may adjust over time or they may not, so let’s look at some ways you can make this a seamless transition.

Set A Plan For Consistency

Together with your child’s day care, set a plan that is realistically consistent for your child. This will help you plan your evening hours together.

Adjust Your At Home Routine

It’s okay to adjust bedtime on day care days if it’s close to what’s normal or you can create a new routine that works. The goal bedtime is only a good one if it works for both you and your baby; no one wants to make baby be overtired, stressed, and cranky to hit a certain time.

And If That’s Not Enough…

Ask for help. That’s why we’re here to support you!

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