“We are sleeping peacefully and beyond thankful for Sleep Wise Consulting.”

Our sleep consultant Kayla Phillips went above and beyond and we are truly so grateful for the information, approach, and daily support we received over the 2 weeks we spent sleep training our 6 month old. I didn’t know what I was doing! I never thought we could break the sleep the feed habit but by day 1, we had a new schedule that we followed with precision, and we started a new path and have never relied on a bottle since. It was rocky the first night as expected, and for sure understanding wake windows was a learning curve ball, but our L.O. Is sleeping 11-12 hour nights and napping 3-4 hours a day. We dropped from 3 to 2 naps, absolutely do not rely on bottles to sleep, and it’s literally changed our lives. I will for sure be coming back to work with Kayla again when we hit the next milestone.

— Sophie, parent of a 6 Month old

“We highly recommend Sleep Wise to parents who are looking for a healthy sleep routine for their baby and themselves.”

Baby Ben would only fall asleep while nursing and in my arms. When we tried to put him in his bassinet, he would wake up immediately. We spent hours during the day holding him while he slept just so he could get the required amount of sleep for his age. At night he would wake up every 2-3 hours. Our routine was time consuming and unsustainable. After an exhausting 16 weeks my husband contacted Sleep Wise Consulting and we were matched up with Cassandra. Before committing to the program Cassandra spoke with us in length describing the foundation of the program. Once we committed, we spoke again in detail so she could really get a good picture of what was happening during Ben’s sleep routine. Based on our conversation she devised a plan and we agreed upon goals that at first seemed too good to be true. After a few days of her help we could not believe the difference. It was clear to see that Ben was truly learning the best sleep habits. Cassandra checked in to support us every couple of days on the phone and she was prompt at answering our questions we posted in our shared document. She showed a genuine interest in helping us help Ben. Within the two weeks of working with Cassandra, Ben had met all of the goals we had set for him. It still seems like a miracle. We are so happy we went through with this process for more than one reason. First, feeling rested allows us to focus on all the things that are happening with Ben, not just his sleep. Most of all, we love the routine she set up for Ben because Ben loves it. Thank you Cassandra!

— Andrea, parent of a 4 Month old

“Megan helped me become a better mama.”

Our 3rd child joined our family in September and turned it upside down, we suddenly didn’t have a sleeping baby or mama and our household was chaos. She gave me the tools and confidence to help our baby boy become a rested and happy baby. Thank you, Megan!

— Alissa, parent of a 4 Month old

“The key ingredient I was missing was an expert.”

I tried so many different things to try and help my baby sleep well. Kaitlin helped me understand what exactly my baby was doing and needed help with. She created a plan specifically for my baby and worked with us until he mastered sleep! Our whole family is now well-rested and enjoying our days. Thank you!

— Hannah, parent of a 5 Month old

“I will be telling all of my friends and family with babies about Sleep Wise from now on.”

We always knew we wanted to sleep train our baby, but we were so overwhelmed with all of the information and advice out there. I am so, so glad we found Sleep Wise–Cassandra was so lovely to work with from start to finish. Sleep training was an emotional experience, and we felt completely supported for the two weeks that we worked with her. She was incredibly knowledgable, very encouraging, and always available to answer our questions or just tell us we were doing a good job! Our daughter went from waking up every 2 hours in the night to sleeping for 12 hour straight after the very first night. She also went from contact napping only to napping independently in her crib. I just can’t believe how well the plan worked and my husband and I are ecstatic to be well rested, have time to ourselves, and a have very happy baby. Thank you so much!

— Erin, parent of a 5 Month old

“We loved working with Leigh Ann!”

She was super helpful in us finally getting our 13 month old to start sleeping through the night. She answered all the questions we could think of and we learned so much. Our baby girl is now sleeping through the night and we are all getting better sleep. Thank you Leigh Ann!

— Tania, parent of a 13 Month old

“We credit Marissa for giving us our evenings back for the last two years!”

We had such a good experience and success with Marissa G. with our first child, that we got her help from day 1 with our second baby. Marissa was so helpful throughout the 12 weeks and beyond. She was encouraging, reassuring, and so patient with us through all of it. By week 12, she had our baby sleeping through the night, which seemed impossible at first, but it worked!

— Asiya, parent of a 3 Month old

“Ashley, you are AMAZING! Thank you so much for everything you did for us!”

I was one exhausted momma. I still remember the very night I made the decision to find help, giving me skills to be able to get my baby to rest and sleep well. My 5 month old was waking nearly every hour at night. Neither one of us were getting good quality sleep. To function with an infant and toddler with little to no sleep was exhausting. I found Ashley’s page on Instagram and I knew I had to talk to her to find out more about Sleep Wise. During our consult call she was extremely attentive we talked about my goals, my worries, and my overall view of what I wanted to gain from this experience. The plan was specifically designed for my family. The beginning was hard, but with her help I was able to push through even when I felt like giving up. Now we are getting much needed rest. I can read my books, watch my shows and relax every night. I am so thankful I worked through this process.

— Shefali, parent of a 5 Month old

“My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Sleep Wise Consulting!”

Our sleep consultant was Leigh Ann, and she was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, kind and the best cheerleader to help support and guide us through this process. It was challenging at first, but with consistency, their method really works! Our toddler is now sleeping through the night peacefully, and everyone is getting restorative sleep in our house. Amazing! And we saw results as early as Day 2! It was one of the best decisions we have made as parents, and well worth the time, energy, and financial investments. Thank you, Leigh Ann and Sleep Wise!

— Shyamli, parent of a 16 Month old

“This was honestly the best money we invested in our family!”

I used to dread bedtime with our 4 year old. After working with Erica, we now have a bedtime routine that allows us to get our daughter to sleep peacefully in her own bed without tears! Erica also helped us work magic with our 4 month old baby, who now sleeps 12 hrs with one night time feeding.

— Kelly, parent of a 4 Year old

“Marissa gently, respectfully and fully understood the assignment!”

Our third girl was 8 months old when we hired Marissa and we has just moved to Africa. We had several challenges facing us and none of them phased Marissa. She was patient with our circumstances, and never wavered in our team mentality. I would not hesitate to hire her again. Her services are worth more than any amount of money. We are so grateful!

— Lindsey, parent of a 8 Month old

“We are so thankful for Cassandra’s guidance and support through this process.”

When Avery was born, we didn’t know how to put her to sleep other than rocking her and putting her down once she was in a deep sleep, which often meant rocking for 20-30 minutes. And even then, it didn’t always work. She often woke up 20 minutes later. My husband and I were desperate for sleep and were at our breaking point. We ended up taking shifts at night holding her because that was the only way she would stay asleep. After 4-5 weeks of this, along with trying other sleep courses, we knew we couldn’t continue. That’s when I reached out to Cassandra. It took us a few weeks of consistency, but by 10 weeks, Avery was falling asleep independently and sleeping through the night by 11 weeks!!

— Avery, parent of a 3 Month old