“…exactly what we needed to teach our daughter how to sleep.”

We sent many frantic emails during the program and Halie always replied with empathy, science, and reassurance. We needed that. When we were unsure about our baby crying for any period of time, she explained the research behind crying and cortisol levels and explained exactly what was happening. Having her with us the whole way is exactly what we needed to teach our daughter how to sleep. We were so surprised how quickly it clicked once it did. We are so glad we did this and would highly recommend working with her to anyone and actually already did!

— Crystal and Joe, parents of a 3 Month old

“We are so, so grateful that we found Sonja!”

We can’t believe how quickly our daily lives changed because of our work with her – our investment in ourselves and our daughter was worth every penny. Sonja’s support of us and our little girl has improved the quality of our time together tenfold, and we saw big changes in our little girl’s eating, sleeping, and happiness almost immediately.
We knew we needed more guidance and structure for her, but we couldn’t have imagined she would sleep through the night within less than a week and become an incredible napper within two. Sonja has been such a blessing for our family, and we’re so fortunate to have had her cheering us on!

— Sasha, parent of a 2 Month old

“Monica pulled me from the trenches and in just a few days my baby was sleeping through the night alone in a crib.”

Wow! I know it to be true when people say every baby is different. I struggled with my final baby falling into horrible sleep habits. Monica pulled me from the trenches and in just a few days my baby was sleeping through the night alone in a crib. She was my cheerleader in one of the hardest times having a newborn and WE DID IT! No one has to suffer, and my child, my husband, and I are all so much happier and well rested!! I couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition. She is SO educated in what needs to be done to fulfill your sleep time goals. Thank you Monica for navigating this journey for me with such ease!

— April, parent of a 6 Month old

“Sonja was amazing!”

Our almost 2 1/2 year decided he didn’t want to sleep anymore. With a new baby sister coming we knew we had to do something. Sonja came to our rescue and helped us learn new habits to help him sleep again. He’s sleeping 10-12 hours a night and bedtime is a breeze, thanks to Sonja & Sleep Wise!

— Rebekah, parent of a 24 Month old

“Life is amazing now. Seriously.”

My husband and I are sleeping in the same bed again. Big behavioral challenges with Cooper have been resolved. His mood in general has changed drastically for the better. Our house is more peaceful. Halie changed our life.

I loved that it wasn’t too difficult to implement the program and Halie was super supportive. We also travel a lot so knowing we can take his sleep skills on the road with us is what we needed for our lifestyle.

Money. Well. Spent.

And this picture of him.. this is what you look like when you sleep 11.5 hours overnight!

— Rachel, parent of a 3 Year old

“Nikki at Sleep Wise has transformed our family’s health and happiness.”

It feels like nothing short of a miracle that our 9-year-old son is now sleeping on his own and no longer waking at night. Her methods were simple, effective and lasting. We struggled for years trying different things on our own and nothing worked. I only wish I had know about Sleep Wise Consulting earlier. Thank you Nikki – you have changed our family for the better!

— Erika, parent of a 9 Year old

“It was personalization of the program that we loved.”

There was apprehension before we signed up because when we heard the term “sleep coach”, we always thought it meant cry it out but that was not the case. My favorite part of this program was the structure and routine because I think no matter how much information your read on the internet or in books, it’s hard to find a schedule or plan that meets unique needs. With this program, Halie learned about our family and created a unique plan and schedule for us. She helped us execute it and put it into motion. It was personalization of the program that we loved. Cade is better for it, he’s well rested, and we’ve created certainty for our whole family.

— Vanessa, parent of a 9 Month old

“Halie was right there guiding us along the way and knew exactly how to handle each situation we encountered.”

We thought we had sleep figured out with our little guy, but that was until we made the transition to the big boy bed. We knew it would be tough but we thought maybe only for the first few days or so. Well days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. His naps fell apart and night wakings became more frequent. We knew infants would bring sleepless nights but we were not prepared for this new toddler sleep deprived stage. My sister referred us to Sleep Wise, and we were so skeptical because we felt like we had tried everything. But we were desperate and knew we all needed sleep back in our lives. We spoke with Halie and knew right away that she truly wanted to help us! She came up with an individualized plan for Gaines and our family. He is such a smart little guy and we knew letting him cry it out was not going to work. In the beginning he kept throwing us curve balls and tried to out think us. However, Halie was right there guiding us along the way and knew exactly how to handle each situation we encountered. She is absolutely amazing and we can’t recommend her enough!! She is so genuine in all of her interactions, we are so thankful for Halie and all she has done to bring sleep back into our lives.

— Brittney, parent of a 24 Month old

“…sleeping 12+hours a night!”

I was a skeptic and not sure if this program would work. However, I’m happy to say how wrong I was! My daughter went from waking up every 1-2 hours to nurse, to sleeping 12+hours a night! As long as you stay strong and stick to the program, it truly works! Marissa was amazing and I WILL be recommending her to anyone that will listen!!!

— Megan, parent of a 14 Month old

“Darrah was just so amazing!”

She was patient with our sleep-deprived-new-parent insanity and she really just cared about helping our son and our family. She was very available and made the process so simple. We couldn’t have done this without her!

— Taryn, parent of a 4 Month old

“One word: Magic!”

I had done a lot of reading related to a baby’s sleep. Nothing I read and tried to implement worked, and I was beyond exhausted. My 10.5 month old was getting up every 2-3 hours at night and mostly napping in someone’s arms everyday. My friend referred me to Cassandra because she had incredible results, and honestly I was not optimistic I would have the same great results like hers because I thought my baby was genetically difficult (Oh how wrong I was). But I had to try. With Cassandra’s guidance, we implemented the suggested routine exactly, and he started sleeping through the night from the first day! I still can’t believe how well he independently naps and sleeps at night. Cassandra’s detailed advice on what to do and how to do it made ALL the difference! Truly a life changing service, and I most definitely recommend Cassandra for sleep-deprived parents! Thank you, Cassandra!

— Stephany, parent of a 10.5 Month old

“I cannot recommend Sleep Wise, and Cassandra, enough!”

We started working with Cassandra the day our daughter turned 3 months old. She had been sleeping fairly long stretches at night, but it took my husband and I hours to get her to sleep at night and her night sleep was very inconsistent. I knew it was time to sleep train when we realized we were dreading nights every day. Our normally happy, easy going baby would cry while we tried to feed her to sleep – it would take hours of feeding, bouncing, burping, and trying to calm her. She also had a lot of gas from all of the crying and hearing her so upset broke our hearts.

After consulting with Cassandra and getting a plan, we started training immediately. The first night was very, very difficult, and the naps the next day were the same. My husband and I pushed through, and each day after that first one was significantly better! In less than a week, she was sleeping 11-12 hours straight every night (pediatrician approved dropping night feed). Naps took longer to come together, but at 4 months old, she successfully takes every nap in her crib, at home and at daycare. My husband and I have our nights back to spend together, I have time in the morning for working out, and most importantly, our daughter wakes up with a huge smile, well rested and happy. Sleep training was hard, but Cassandra’s support helped us get through the challenges. I can honestly say I do not think we would have been so successful without her help. Our daughter should be in the 4 month regression now, but we have not noticed any difference since she has the skills to sleep independently.

— Michelle, parent of a 3 Month old

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