“We couldn’t believe the results…”

From the time we brought Milo home from the hospital he would wake up within a few minutes of being set down. We heard about Sleep Wise Consulting through a friend and started working with Andrea. She helped to keep us on track, especially the first night, and from then on he was sleeping through the night. We couldn’t believe the results we saw and how quickly we achieved them! After our two weeks together, Milo has turned out to be a great sleeper and is still doing an awesome job independently in his crib!

— Maria, parent of a 9 Month old

“…helped us become more confident parents.”

We had been trying to teach our baby to sleep on our own for a month before we started working with Melina with little success and lots of frustration and anxiety. Melina worked with us in a calm and non-judgmental way. She was very responsive to our many questions and really helped us become more confident parents. The Sleep Wise program taught us to be flexible but consistent with our baby’s routine. We are all so much happier and well rested now.

— Angela, parent of a 6 Month old

“Darrah was an amazing sleep consultant!”

She was very responsive and thorough and patient. I appreciated how she was there for us every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone who is having sleep issues, it’s nice to have someone tell you what to do and to hold your hand while you do it. Thank you Darrah!

— Genevieve, parent of a 5 Month old

“…sleeping happily through the night in his crib.”

We were in such a low, desperate sleep situation when we connected with Dana. From our first call she was kind, patient, knowledgeable and instilled a sense of confidence that things can and will change…and they did! I know toddler sleep can be particularly tricky but Dana is a true pro and she helped to keep us encouraged and supported every step of the way. And here we are with our nearly 2 year old sleeping happily through the night in his crib. This huge success is thanks to Dana!!

— Cody, parent of a 24 Month old

“Amazing results!”

When I was pregnant, everyone told us we wouldn’t sleep again. And I couldn’t accept it… I researched and followed several tips to teach Candelaria how to sleep. However, it wasn’t easy. With 12 weeks, she was still waking up during the night, her naps were very short and I was crying a lot. Abby designed a plan especially for Candelaria and from the second night she was sleeping alone, without her pacifier and through the night (11-12hrs). After 3 weeks, she was having longer naps.  Abby was a wonderful support and guide. We had so many doubts and questions, and she was always there. We still have to improve some things, but we are a happily rested family. I fully recommend Sleep Wise, don’t think it too much! It has been by far, our best decision.

— María Teresa, parent of a 4 Month old

“Sleep Wise was such a great resource for us and our 3 month old, Jack.”

Sleep Wise was such a great resource for us and our 3 month old, Jack. We reached out when Jack’s sleep habits were not improving and we needed to implement a routine prior to me returning to work. Jack had become reliant on his pacifier to sleep and we weren’t getting any longer stretches at night or reliable daytime naps. We started working with Abby when Jack was 12 weeks old, and she was able to help us get rid of the pacifier in a matter of days and ultimately teach Jack how to put himself to sleep consistently in just a few short weeks. We saw results almost immediately and now he sleeps through the night and takes glorious daytime naps. The program is tailored to each kid, which was important to us because we live in NYC and needed to be able to implement a nap schedule that could be accommodated either at home or on the go.

Abby was absolutely wonderful to work with. The sleep training process can be emotional, but Abby equipped us with all of the information, practical tools, and moral support we needed to feel confident in the process. She was always super responsive and never made us feel like any question was too small. We even hit a speed bump with Jack about halfway through our program, and she tapped into her network of Sleep Wise consultants (and moms) to help us get through some non-sleep related issues as well.

I would definitely recommend Sleep Wise (and Abby!) to anyone struggling with baby sleep issues. It is empowering to understand what drives certain behaviors and work with professionals who understand exactly what tweaks and changes can help your baby succeed. At first we were on the fence about sleep training, but we are so glad that we did it and so happy that Jack now has a strong sleep foundation that will help him immensely as he continues to grow.

— Kristin, parent of a 3 Month old

“A full success!”

Working with Heather helped our Max to not only sleep through the nights but also take much longer naps during the day which has also made him even more content and relaxed baby! Heather was deeply concerned and stood by our side during the entire program- I can really highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Heather, you were such a great support & you are a true expert at what you do!

— Gioia, parent of a 5 Month old

“I am so, so thankful!”

My son was co-sleeping and nursing 3-4 times a night. I knew he could be getting better rest, and I knew I needed to as well. Now he’s sleeping 12 hour at night and in his own crib! Grace was so wonderful, and always there for any questions I had!

— Adriana, parent of a 8 Month old

“We love seeing our girls rested…”

We CANNOT thank Lindsay enough for all of her incredible support as we embarked on this sleep training journey. It was so hard at first and Lindsay talked us through every single step, even making herself available on Easter Sunday and any time beyond that when we just needed a gut check. She is awesome, the program is awesome. Our now 5 month old twins are sleeping 12 hours straight through the night and we keep pinching ourselves (and trying not to jinx it!) that we’ve been in this groove for about 3 weeks now. We love seeing our girls rested and we are so much more functional as humans because WE can rely upon consistent sleep. THANK YOU, Lindsay!!

— Emily, parent of 5 Month old twins

“My 18month old went from waking every 2-3 hours to sleeping over 10+ hours a night!!”

I was so nervous before working with Erica, thinking I would ruin my bond with my child, but she quickly put my mind at ease. My 18month old went from waking every 2-3 hours to sleeping over 10+ hours a night!! And the biggest adjustment we had to make was his wake windows. No screaming for hours like I thought sleep training was!!! My husband and I have quality time together at night and my son is happier in the morning. Thank you so much, Erica!!!

— Cara, parent of a 18 Month old

“Laura really changed our lives.”

Our 6 month old daughter had started out a pretty decent sleeper, but by 4 months, we hadn’t really developed a routine and she started waking frequently in the night. She wouldn’t nap during the day either and she would be very fussy by early evening. Bedtime was a nightmare for us. I was at the end of my rope and it had been months since I’d gotten more than 2-3 consecutive hours of sleep. Laura really changed our lives. After just a few days of working with her, Ada was sleeping through the night (10-12 hours). Within a few weeks of working with her, Ada was taking two 30-45 min naps almost daily and she has only been improving since! We can’t thank Laura enough for helping us nail down a schedule and allowing all of us to get the rest we so very much needed. I would highly suggest Sleep Wise to any struggling mom or dad! On Laura’s recommendation, we even ended up buying a Slumber Pod for traveling and Ada LOVES it!

— Lainey, parent of a 6 Month old

“My husband and I are so thankful for Monica’s guidance and help with our 5 month old daughter, Norah.”

After implementing our sleep plan Norah began sleeping 10-12 hours at night and taking solid daytime naps (prior we were struggling with early morning waking and short naps). Monica was also so kind and encouraging to me as a mom while working on Norah’s sleep at the same time as I was working through some postpartum depression. Her kindness, help and support were such a gift for this time in our family. We love finally getting consistent sleep back into our lives and have really noticed a difference in our 6 month old daughter’s mood now that she’s getting sleep too!

— Rebecca, parent of a 5 Month old

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