“When we first heard about Katie and after talking to her it seemed too good to be true that our 17 month old might actually sleep in her own bed through the night, BUT it really did happen and SO very fast!!! We are ecstatic with the sleep we’re all getting now and wish we had called Katie sooner. It’s wonderful to see our daughter getting up to 13 hours of solid sleep each night and wake well rested and happy. It’s done wonderful things for our family! If you’re on the fence about contacting Katie, I will tell you from experience that it’s worth every penny, you will be so glad you did it.”

— ST

“Sleep had become a distant memory in our household prior to Katie. We had waited nine months for our son Henry to sleep through the night. The longer we waited the worse his sleep got. We were all exhausted, irritable, and ready for a change. That’s when we contacted Katie, our Sleep Savior. From the moment we talked, we knew we were in good hands. She created a detailed sleep plan for Henry and reassured us that he would be sleeping through the night in a matter of days. Katie was right and we were so grateful. We couldn’t have done it without her. Our only wish was that we would have contacted her sooner! If you’re also finding sleep a distant memory, do not hesitate to contact Katie. You will be so glad that you did!”

— DM

“If you’re on the fence about hiring Katie to help your child and family with sleep issues, hesitate no more! Katie has been such a blessing to our family and she helped us build a comprehensive approach to get our 5-month old son to sleep through the night and learn key self-soothing techniques (for both nighttime sleep and naps). My husband and I are no longer irritable and complete zombies through the night, but are getting significantly more uninterrupted sleep — a win for all three of us! We are grateful for Katie’s expert guidance, support, constant encouragement, and her ability to answer all of our questions throughout the entire process. She is passionate about helping children get the sleep they need to be well-rested, healthy and happy. We are reaping the benefits — it was worth every penny :)”

— LL

“After months of no one getting a full night of sleep, we finally broke down and contacted Katie.  Since then our life has changed.  He’s sleeping a full 11-12 hours a night, with no middle of the night wakeups.  When he wakes he’s happy, smiling and ready to take on the day.  Even with reflux, he’s the happiest he’s ever been and so are my husband and I.  Katie gave us advice and the tools that we never would have figured out on our own to be quite honest, and we would still be walking irritable zombies had we not taken this step.  People who say babies don’t sleep through the night are wrong, and we are proving it, thanks to Katie!  Our 5.5 month old is sleeping every night, giving us the alone time my husband and I need, and giving him the rest he needs to grow up healthy, smart and strong.  Thank you so much Katie for working with us and changing our lives!!!”

— MT

“My wife and I would highly recommend working with Katie for your baby’s sleep needs. Katie came highly recommended to us, and she did not disappoint. Calvin went from twice-nightly wake ups to sleeping through the night within three days. He was hard to get to sleep at nap time, and his naps were erratic. Now he sleeps on schedule and for long, solid blocks. The difference it has made in our lives has been huge. Not only do we sleep better, but Calvin is much better rested. We wanted to sleep train for our own good, but it wound up really being our son who benefited most of all. Katie was kind, willing, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone who is having trouble with a baby that sleeps poorly.”

— MS

“Katie is truly a lifesaver to our family!  My son, who is almost 3, is falling asleep on his own and sleeping in his own bed the entire night!  Before Katie, his naps were maybe 45 minutes, I would have to lay with him until he fell asleep for naps and bedtime, and he would wake a couple of times each night where he would either come in our bed to sleep or I would sleep in his bed.  We were all cranky and tired.  My husband and I were at a loss especially since he was almost 3.  A friend referred me to Katie after she had used her.  After talking with Katie I was immediately ready to get started.  After going over Katie’s plan for our son, I knew it was going to work and help him get the sleep he finally needed.  Katie gave us the confidence to get through the tough times.  Her coaching and support were so encouraging.  Not only is our son sleeping through the night, but we have seen such a difference in his behavior.  We wish we had found Katie sooner.  We are so thankful for all of her help along this journey.”

— CM

“To my husband and I, Katie Pitts is a life saver.  Before we met her we were having a lot of trouble getting our son to sleep, staying asleep, and only wanting to sleep in our bed.  We were not really sleeping and truly feeling hopeless on what to do to change our situation.  I came across Katie’s website and instantly felt like there could be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Once I met her I knew that her plan was going to work.  She put my mind at ease by making sure that I knew that we were not alone in this sleep struggle.  Her guidance and support were invaluable.  We now have a 12 month old son who is sleeping through the night in his own bed without waking up! He is happy all the time and truly thriving now that he is getting the sleep that he needs.  I do not know what we would have done without her.  I recommend her to ANYONE who is having this same problem with complete confidence that she can help.”

— EF

“We cannot thank Katie enough for all of her help! As first time parents, Katie devised and helped us implement a plan to teach our little girl wonderful sleep skills. It was a struggle since our little girl was resistant to change but Katie stuck with us and coached us through the tough times. Katie’s support and guidance was invaluable. She helped us achieve our goals and our daughter has begun to sleep through the night!”

— SS

“For 18 months, my husband and I went with minimal sleep and kept telling ourselves that our son would “grow out of it” and starting sleeping all night.  Instead it got worse…to the point that we would have to rock him to sleep for at least 20 minutes for him to wake up screaming after only 1 hour in his crib.  Then we would bring him into our bed, and all night he would toss and turn keeping us up.  We had just about lost hope and our sanity until we met Katie.  She was very kind, patient, positive, and knowledgeable.  She helped us every step of the way and even went above and beyond with extra support when our little smart/stubborn guy gave us a run for our money.  But Katie figured out the best plan to teach us (and our entire family) how to help him learn to put himself to sleep and stay asleep in his crib.  It has been almost a month now, and we are still amazed at how well he sleeps… we still feel like it’s a dream.  Thank you so much Katie!!!!”

— TK

“The professionalism and effectiveness you will experience with Katie is out of this world. Our 3 month old baby boy was a HUGE sleep fighter. My husband and I were on the fence about using a sleep consultant because we thought “we had it figured out” based on books and research we did on our own, but after 3 long months of sleepless nights and lots of crying, from both myself and our son, we knew we had to do something before I went back to work. Within days of implementing Katie’s plan we had stopped all sleep props and saw a drastic improvement in naps and night sleep. She not only helped us to teach our son how to self-soothe and sleep well but also educated my husband and I enough about pediatric sleep so we may continue her plan beyond our time with her. Our baby boy now sleeps 11-12 hours at night and naps like a champ. I am constantly getting compliments from my caregivers about how our son is “a dream” and the “easiest baby” they have ever watched. My husband and I are just blown away by the results!”

— DF

“Our son Trey was 4 weeks old when my husband and I decided to contact Katie. We had implemented great sleep routines with his older sister, but this little guy was proving to be much more of a challenge! He would only sleep when being held, and putting him down in a swing or crib would usually wake him, forcing us to start the whole process over again….At one month old, we didn’t feel comfortable letting him cry for long periods of time, but we also knew we couldn’t go on with the screaming overnight and dreading every time he needed to go down for a nap, especially with a toddler in the house that needed our attention too. He needed sleep, and so did we. With Katie’s guidance, we were able to help Trey learn to put himself to sleep in such a quick time frame. He was putting himself to sleep for naps and bedtime within a week, and becoming a much more content baby because he was getting such good rest. It’s been two months since we’ve had Katie’s help and Trey is still sleeping great! 12-13 hours overnight and three naps during the day…It gives us great peace of mind to know he’s getting the rest he needs, and he is able to accomplish that on his own. Our grumpy little newborn is now a happy well rested baby and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Thank you Katie!”

— JT

“A big huge thank you from our whole family for your guidance, support & patience as we embarked on sleep training. We are so appreciative of all you have done to help us getting Matilda sleeping though the night.  Without a doubt we are finishing our time with you with a better understanding of babies sleep habits, needs & of course a baby who sleep through the night. I will be sending all my Mommy friends your way who need your help!”

— KF

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