“We are writing to express our gratitude to Kelley for the work you’ve done with our family. We went from being pregnant with two toddlers who required HOURS to go to sleep, woke 2-8 times during the night and napped no more than 30 min during the day to having a newborn and two toddlers who go to sleep on their own, sleeping through the night 11.5-12 hours AND nap a minimum of an hour each day! All this, because of your efforts with our family! You took our concerns and our parenting goals and melded them into a workable plan specific to OUR needs, goals and wishes as a family.

We can’t thank you enough! We are all more rested and better prepared to take on our daily routine as well as adjust to being a family of five. You’ve given us our lives back and we can’t thank you enough!! We would VERY HIGHLY recommend your services to EVERYONE we know. Thank you for listening to us and working toward a sleep solution that was right for our family and parenting beliefs. You are our hero!”

— MS (Consultant is Kelley)

“Our family cannot thank you enough for the guidance and support you have given us!! When we called you, we were absolutely hopeless. After almost 2 years of not sleeping, we were on the verge of giving up! We honestly thought we had tried everything and that our toddler would never sleep. It has now been 4 weeks since we began working with you and he is now sleeping 11 hours a night with a two hour nap each day and very minimal fuss!!! We can tell such a dramatic difference in his demeanor now that he is rested. He is such a happy little boy (and that makes for a happy momma)!!! He is also making great improvements in his social and verbal development. Overall, working with you has been life changing!! I will recommend you to anyone that will listen because I truly believe you are so gifted!!! Thank you, Katie and God Bless you and your family!!!!”

— KG

“Sleep Wise Consulting saved our family’s sanity! Many friends recommended Babywise so I read the book… twice! But despite all my preparation and attention to the principles and schedule, it just wasn’t clicking for my son. When he was about 4.5 months, we reached out to Katie Pitts in desperation and got started on a plan that was specific to his needs.  It was a pretty intense couple of weeks, but the guesswork and self doubting were taken out thanks to the clear plan and coaching provided.  it is really amazing the transformation that has occurred in his sleep skills and affect. He is now 9 months and has been a sleep rock star since!”

— EN

“Dana was a tremendous resource in helping us get our 9 month twins on a sleep schedule. My husband and I were skeptical as we had tried several times on our own, and had been unsuccessful. Dana provided us with a simple, reasonable plan and our babies slept through the night (12 hours) on night 1 (in the same nursery)! After two weeks’ time, not only were they still sleeping through the night, they were taking 2 naps during the day. It requires consistency and good communication, and Dana is there every step of the way to ensure you succeed. I highly recommend working with her; she is very thorough and approaches all challenges with great enthusiasm. We are very pleased to see our babies finally getting sufficient rest, and are thrilled to be getting more sleep ourselves (finally!).”

— EH

“I originally hired Katie to help me with my daughter’s early morning wakings. I scheduled my free 15 minute call with her, and within the first few minutes, I immediately felt at ease talking with Katie. She collected some information regarding my issues, and provided me with some suggestions to try. Within two nights of implementing these suggestions, my daughter’s early wakings stopped. A couple months later, when I was experiencing difficulties with naps, there was no question I would hire Katie to help me make the transition from two to one nap. With her daily support, I was able to navigate things that came up, as well as have answers to any questions that arose throughout the process. Katie was patient, thorough, and reassuring every step of the way. I would definitely recommend working with Katie, and I would not hesitate to use her again if need be.”

— SL

“Our sweet baby struggled with sleep for weeks, that turned into months, and she was waking up many times during the night. Over the course of our time working with Katie, we stuck to her plan, and it works! The first night we saw major improvement! And it kept getting better!  Our baby is now sleeping 12 hours at night, taking good naps, and has great independent sleep skills.  We were given amazing support and encouragement and our daughter has been blessed with the gift of sleep!!”

— SK

“Our 22-month old son needed to be rocked to sleep at nap and night-time and would still wake an average of 2-4 times overnight and need to be rocked back to sleep each time he woke up. Over time, it had taken its toll on us as parents and even our marriage – as we were exhausted, irritated and frustrated. We were afraid to leave our son with a sitter to have a date night as we were embarrassed at the routine and length of time it would take to get our son to sleep. We began to work with Katie and our son can now fall asleep on his own in his crib and consistently sleeps straight through the night until 6:30 in the morning. Other family members and our nanny can put him down to sleep and our son knows it is bedtime and he has to fall asleep like big boy! As a family, we have come to cherish our time together during the day and understand the important role that sleep plays in our daily lives and how we function. Using Sleep Wise Consulting was one of the best investments we made and we are thankful for Katie’s support and the tools she gave us to help us teach our son how to sleep. “

— NJ

“This has been so wonderful. Not only are my husband and I getting our free time back but Logan’s attitude during the day has done a complete 180. He is so happy and silly again and minds so much better than when he was tired all the time. His most recent school report card also did not have any conduct issues. We cannot thank you enough!”

— TX

“Katie was a LIFESAVER. After 15 months of no sleep or on-again, off-again sleep, my husband and I reached our breaking point. Within two days of working with Katie, we started seeing an immediate difference in our son’s sleep patterns, and by night 4, he began sleeping from 7pm until 7am without any wake-ups. She was incredibly thorough with our sleep plan, follow-up calls and emails, guiding us through each step and offering invaluable support. I especially appreciated the compassionate approach toward changing our son’s sleep “crutches” and how she was there with us every step of the way (even though we live far away). My only regret is that we didn’t start working with her sooner. :)”

— PB

“I haven’t felt this well rested in months.  But the most important thing is how proud our son is.  He is undertaking this during a stressful time with the move and all.  Thank you so much!”

— DM

“I would highly recommend Jeannine as a sleep consultant for anyone with a little one who struggles with sleep.  My son had such a hard time sleeping I honestly never thought I would see the day he would sleep through the night let alone put himself to sleep!  After a year of struggling and trying things on my own, I came to Jeannine and I’m so happy I did! Jeannine is full of knowledge and what I loved the most is I never felt alone.  If something wasn’t working or I wasn’t comfortable, she always came back to me with a plan B. I would have never been able to do this alone, I am so grateful for her! She was very easy to relate to and explained everything in a clear manner and we came up with a plan we were both comfortable with.  I highly recommend Jeannine, she literally changed our lives.  Life is so much more stress free, I have more time for myself and my husband but most importantly, my son is finally getting the sleep that he needs to grow and be a healthy toddler!”

— LM

“Working with Kelley has been an amazing experience and worth every penny spent! We were struggling with our 4.5 month old who was only taking 45 minute naps and waking up to 5 times at night. Working full time and also having a 3 year old made it so difficult to function on such little sleep! Kelley quickly came to our rescue by talking with us on the phone and developing a plan that would work for home and daycare. We followed the plan she created for us and within days we were seeing a change in his sleeping patterns and habits. As problems would arise Kelley became a great resource and coached us through it. Our son is now happily sleeping 10-11 hours at night and taking full naps during the day. He is a well rested and happy little boy all thanks to the help and support of Kelley!”

— SM

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