“Working with Katie was awesome! Our family is so much happier, well rested, and we can be the best parents to our baby and toddler now that everyone is getting the sleep they need! I had done a lot of research on different methods of sleep training, but would not have had this success without the help of Katie. If you are thinking of hiring her, it’s probably because you need to! And trust me, it’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent…EVER!!!”

— SB

“Our 3 year old used to be a good sleeper – or so we thought. When we moved him from his toddler bed into a full sized bed, he started having difficulty sleeping through the night. Soon, I found myself waiting for him to fall asleep every night and then sleeping in his bed. He has always been a stubborn boy, so we were a little unsure when it came to sleep training.

Dana created a clear and concise plan. At any point we were frustrated or concerned, she was there to answer any questions we had, put our minds at ease and reassure us that we were making progress. She even helped us set up a plan for holiday travel. I am so happy to say that no only is our son falling asleep on his own, remaining in bed all night and not getting up until it’s “time” – he is also more well rested and happier. That makes for a happier mom! Dana was extremely professional, patient and knowledgeable. I only wish we had done this sooner! “

— HR

“Kelley – Thank you for helping our family regain our sanity!  With a full night of uninterrupted sleep, each one of us is happier during the day.  We have enjoyed spending quality time with each other and as parents, feel like we got 12 hours back each night.  Life is good again!”

— JJ

“My 3 year old son was a great sleeper until we moved into a new house.  He started delaying bedtime, waking up and coming into our bed and being ready to start the day at 5am.  I knew the transition was hard for him but after 3 months of “waiting it out” we knew we needed more help!  Dana was so helpful and supportive in creating a plan for our family that worked.  He’s now putting himself to sleep and sleeping through the entire night!  We’ve even seen a great improvement in his behavior during the day.  We cannot thank Dana enough for helping us to create more peaceful nights in our new house!”

— HI

“Working with Katie was instrumental in positively changing my babies sleep habits. We were in a place with Harper where she required rocking and a bottle before bed, she wouldn’t sleep through the night and she was not taking consistent or appropriate naps. After just one night we saw results, like better naps and sleeping though the night. A couple days after that Harper was going to sleep independently. Honestly, I was skeptical that we’d see significant and immediate results, but I was wrong and am so glad we reached out to Katie!”

— EL

“We had tried everything before contacting Katie to help us with our then 10 month old daughter who was definitely not sleeping through the night.  She was waking 4-7 times a night and had an unpredictable nap schedule that left her tired and irritable daily. I had read all the books, talked to everyone I knew and tried everything recommended, and it seemed that her sleep problems were getting worse and worse.

Once we began working with Katie her sleep started to improve greatly and her mood when awake was wonderful. Katie taught us not only what to do, but why, which was so helpful! Our daughter is now on a sleep schedule that ensures she is getting the sleep she needs. She has learned how to get herself to sleep for naps without us having to rock her to sleep and most importantly how to help herself back to sleep when she wakes during the night without us having to get up 4-7 times a night to help her.  Our home is getting a lot more sleep now and we are so grateful to Katie for that!”

— CW

“Katie saved my sanity and probably daycare’s sanity as well.I was skeptical that it would work because I thought we had tried everything but by night four our son was sleeping through the night and going down for his naps with little to no crying and all this without his paci! He and mom are now so much more happy during the day. I can’t thank Katie enough for helping our family. I recommend her to everyone I can!”

— MS

“Katie has given me so much peace of mind over the past year. My little guy is just about 15 months old and I just couldn’t figure out how to get him sleeping well for his two naps. He was cranky and so tired and I knew I needed help. What she suggested I totally wouldn’t have done on my own in regards to awake time and once we did it, he was a totally different baby-happy and fun and well rested. People comment all the time about what a great baby he is, my answer is always “it’s because he isn’t tired!” Which is all thanks to Katie. He kept his two naps for a realllllyyyyy long time-I’m super lucky, and now she’s helping me through the dreaded transition to one nap. I had sever post partem depression when I had my baby and I just did not have the emotional and mental capacities to navigate a lot of these waters without her support. I’m so glad I found her.”

— BC

“When I called Katie, my son was taking 3 to 4 cat naps throughout the day, lasting about 40 minutes each. He couldn’t connect his sleep cycles. Because of this, he would typically wake up crying and I would spend the majority of his awake time dealing with a fussy baby. At night, my son was co-sleeping because I was exhausted from getting up multiple times throughout the night to lull/rock him back to sleep and put his pacifier back in his mouth. So I gave up and put him in our bed and would make his nighttime bottles in bed and shove a pacifier in his mouth to get him to go back to sleep.

After Katie’s sleep training, my son takes 2 solid naps, each between an hour and an hour and a half. That’s not even the best part. At night, he sleeps 12 straight hours, without wakings…in his own crib…in his own room!!  Complete transformation. I know some parent’s road to a sleep trained baby is different. Some easier. Some more difficult. But the end result is very similar – a well-rested baby.  Katie’s 100% success rate definitely stayed put after our training. With all this sleep my son’s getting, the best part is his awake time – no fussiness. Just a happy, jolly baby.

If you are in a similar situation, I HIGHLY recommend giving Katie a call. She knows her stuff. She must have a crystal ball because whatever she said would happen, happened. Even my husband made a comment about that. I remember making a comment to her before we began the process saying I don’t see how my baby will sleep on his own. I am thrilled that she proved me wrong. Katie provides great support and confidence to get you through the training so that you and your baby could be more rested, happy people :)”

— VN

“After reading a few books, scouring the Internet and joining a Facebook sleep group, I thought I knew everything necessary to start nap training my twins.  After two days of screaming babies who barely napped, I was ready to give up.  This is when Katie stepped in.  With just a few emails back and forth, I had a new game plan and was ready to try again.  Now a week later, I have two happy babies who are napping more consistently and sleeping even longer at night!  I can’t thank Katie enough!”

— LB

“Katie has helped us so much with our daughter and her sleeping schedule/routine! She used to only nap for 15minutes at a time if at all. Now she takes about 6 naps a day almost always lasting over an hour and she is sleeping in her crib! She is able to put herself to sleep after only 2 weeks of working with Katie and she is now only 8 weeks old. Thank you Katie for your help and support!”

— SW

“When we first heard about Katie and after talking to her it seemed too good to be true that our 17 month old might actually sleep in her own bed through the night, BUT it really did happen and SO very fast!!! We are ecstatic with the sleep we’re all getting now and wish we had called Katie sooner. It’s wonderful to see our daughter getting up to 13 hours of solid sleep each night and wake well rested and happy. It’s done wonderful things for our family! If you’re on the fence about contacting Katie, I will tell you from experience that it’s worth every penny, you will be so glad you did it.”

— ST

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