“I couldn’t be happier to say that our little guy has crushed all the goals we set out for him!”


“We started working with Dana when our son, Mav, was 11 weeks old.  During our initial conversation with Dana she asked what our goals were.  We wanted him to sleep through the night, not wake up at 5 a.m., take longer naps, and eliminate the witching hours.  After two weeks I couldn’t be happier to say that our little guy has crushed all the goals we set out for him.  I would have never believed that in just two weeks his sleep could be completely transformed, but it was!  We are so proud of him, the bags under our eyes are dissipating, and we are truly enjoying every waking moment.  Though it was challenging, it was the best thing we could have done for our family.  Dana was tremendous to work with.  Her support and encouragement was much appreciated and I truly enjoyed checking in with her regularly.  It’s something I plan to do as Mav continues to grow and change – she has clients for life!”

— RV

“She is now 8 months old and sleeps 12-12.5 hours and naps like a dream!”


“My 16 week old had been waking every 1-3 hours since birth. I just chalked it up to she’s a ‘bad sleeper’. Katie proved me wrong! She was encouraging, supportive, and she truly cared about Joanna. Joanna became a different baby once Katie guided us through the process of teaching her independent sleep skills. She is now 8 months old, sleeps 12-12.5 hour nights, and naps like a dream! So thankful for Sleep Wise Consulting!”

— KM

“The hugest difference now is that now when he wakes up in the morning, or from a nap, he is smiling and happy!”


“I can not say enough about Katie Pitts and Sleep Wise. When Oliver was 2 months old, my husband and I trained  him to sleep through the night, and by 3 months he was able to sleep 10-11 hours at night. However, once he began sleeping at night, his naps got progressively shorter, to where he would wake up after 30 minutes. When he would wake up, he would be cranky, and I began to miss my sweet baby, wondering when these short naps would end. I read every sleep book, and tried everything and I could not get Oliver’s naps to lengthen! By the time he was 5 months, he was getting increasingly cranky and fussy after his short naps, and  he was just miserable to be with! He also was waking up at 5 or 5:30 am, and I couldn’t get him to sleep longer (we couldn’t put him to bed later than 7 or 7:30, because he was so miserable in the evening from short naps) – we would give him a pacifier to get him back to sleep but it didn’t always work, and he would wake up fussy and stay that way all day.  I was so sad to not be enjoying my time with him as a stay at home mom. I finally called Katie around the time he turned 6 months old.  She listened to every detail and wrote a detailed proposal for his specific needs.  The first morning we implemented her plan, we had to actually wake Oliver up in the morning, he was sound asleep! .By the end of the first week, he had had more long morning naps than not, and within three weeks, both morning and afternoon naps were getting longer, not to mention, he sleeps 11-12 hours at night uninterrupted.  The hugest difference is that now when he wakes up in the morning, or from a nap (or when we wake him up), he is smiling and happy! Katie wasn’t just able to give me the plan for Oliver, but watch his habits, and help me learn how he functions and be able to discern his individual sleep needs and implement them.  I can’t believe this smiling baby is once again a joy to be around at home during the day! He is so happy, and smiley, and goes to sleep with absolutely no help from anyone or anything.  One night, during our sleep training, a fire broke out on our balcony! I had to wake up Oliver and run downstairs with him.  He was outside for 45 minutes being passed from neighbor to neighbor and when the coast was clear, I came back up, placed him right in his crib, and never heard a peep. No rocking, no pacifier, no anything.  He is an independent sleeper and is all the better for it!”

— CM

“I could have never come up with the perfect plan that Kimberly created!”


“As a second time mom, I had read all the books and blogs on sleeping and had sleep trained my now 2 year old when she was a baby. I felt confident I would be able to do the same with my second child but quickly found this to be impossible to do on my own. My second didn’t respond to any of the methods I tried (and I tried everything!) and when he turned 4 months old I knew I needed help. I could not tend to my toddler and meet her needs while working off little to no sleep. Not to mention, I was stressed out not knowing if I was trying the right things or if my sons sleep would ever improve. I reached out to Kimberly at Sleep Wise and with her help everything began to change for the better. She listened to my needs and analyzed my sons sleep habits in order to create the perfect sleep plan for our family. She thoroughly went over this plan and answered the million questions I had. I felt even more comfortable taking her advice knowing her background as a nurse practitioner and former employee at a pediatric sleep clinic. After the first night my son began sleeping longer stretches and within the first week he was sleeping through the night! I could never have come up with the perfect plan that Kimberly created but I’m so thankful she was there to get us to getting sleep again!”

— RW

“I read Babywise and followed the basic principles for my son but still we had early wake ups , short naps, and some middle of the night wakings. As my son turned 8 months I felt like I had missed something; I questioned what I was missing and truly feel like I was failing. We decided to hire a sleep consultant because I needed someone else to think about Clark’s sleep with me. I was able to send her our sleep log and get feedback, tips, and suggestions on what to do next.  For me, working with Katie gave me such peace of mind. I had someone on my team when troubleshooting sleep issues. Spending time learning from a Katie was the breathe of fresh air; and the encouragement I needed.  The sleep package was worth every penny.”

— AW

“I can’t thank Sarah enough for her help to our family. I have never been in such a weak and desperate place and Sarah met me there and helped quickly.

Thank you for supporting me personally and helping my sweet Caleb get some sleep. After 6 complete months of never even sleeping 6 hours, and more often being up 5-6x/night, life feels like a ‘dream’ right now. We are all so grateful.”

— BM

“Working with Katie Pitts has changed my life in the best ways possible.  When I started with Katie, my 7 month old, Tommy, was waking up 3-4 times a night.  In swooped her expertise and in a matter of a few days his wakings went to 1 and by the end of our time together, my son was sleeping through the night!   His 30 minute naps are now turning into 1.5-2 hours – something I thought I would never see!


Katie was incredibly timely and thorough with her calls and emails and went above & beyond when Tommy through in his stubbornness 🙂 For the first time since my son was born, I was able to get back on the elliptical, let my husband know when we could eat dinner, and leave the house in the evenings knowing he would not wake up!  Most of all, I know my son is getting the amount of sleep he needs to grow up strong and healthy!


I told Katie personally and I will reiterate it here – working with her is the best investment I have made – I would recommend her to any parent!”

— KC

“I realized it was luck that my 1st was such an excellent sleeper and I assumed my 2nd would follow suit but that wasn’t the case. By 5 weeks my little girl wasn’t extending her night sleep. She was waking every 2.5/3 hours 24/7.  I wasn’t functioning well but I thought it was too early to call Sleep Wise because I kept hearing that this was normal newborn behavior. After 6 weeks, we were still in the same spot. I felt that she could give me a longer stretch at night. And my girl was more irritable compared to my son.  Out of desperation I used the 15 min call and Jeannine Conte was confident that she could help me. She believed me! She agreed that my babe could do better. So the next week (at 7 weeks) we started with Sleep Wise.
After the first week, we had ditched the swing (2 out of 4 naps in the swing and half her night sleep was in the swing), all sleep was in the crib, she was able to put herself asleep within 5 min and she was consistently  giving me 2 hour naps. After the 2nd week, we ditched the swaddle and we are now in the sleep sack. By this week (10 weeks) we got an 11 hour stretch last night!  It looks like a 12 hour night is in my near future. I gave Jeannine some lofty goals and we met every one of them.  Best of all, my daughter wakes up happy and smiling every morning and she is no longer irritable. She loves to hang out and watch everyone. The extra sleep has helped us to see her true personality.


My husband was skeptical about using a sleep consultant but just this week he reflected on our daughter’s progress and agreed that this was a good investment in all our sleep and mental health.


If you have a newborn and you’re struggling, you don’t have to endure the sleep deprivation. There is hope! She’s now a better sleeper than my 1st! Just amazing!! Thank you so much Jeannine for giving my family back their sleep!”


— KH

“Before we started working with Kelley, our 15 week old son was a pacifier addict. He would sleep for about 4-6 hours at night before waking up for a feed, which was great, but then would wake up anywhere from 1-10 times between 4 and 7 AM crying for his paci. He also was a habitual 32-40 minute napper – never longer! We were frustrated and exhausted…but immediately saw results after we started working with Kelley! He slept through the night after just two nights, no more middle of the night feeding or early morning waking for his paci. After about a week he adjusted to three solid naps per day, sleeping anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours – we often have to wake him up from his naps now! Kelley was so kind, easy to work with, and accessible. I can’t thank her enough – or recommend her highly enough – for all that she’s done for our family!”

— KM

“Working with Sarah has been so instrumental in getting the sleep that our family needed for over a year! She shared with us the skills and knowledge we needed in order to commit to helping our daughter learn to sleep.  Before Sarah’s help, our little girl would only fall asleep in our arms after reading countless books, nursing multiple times, and lots of rocking.  She would wake up almost hourly during the night to seek out the same comfort to fall back asleep.  Now she says “bye” when I lay her in her crib and she puts herself to sleep…and stays asleep!! It has given us some adult time to enjoy things.  We are generally much happier now that we are getting sleep.  I feel more confident leaving her with caregivers and our baby seems to be eating better since sleeping more.”

— ED

“I read almost every sleep training book available and despite this, our daughter London just couldn’t sleep. I tried everything and exhausted and frustrated by my baby’s hourly middle of the night awakenings, I contacted Katie. With Katie’s help and encouragement, London now sleeps a solid twelve hour night and takes two successful naps. I’ve come to realize it wasn’t just one thing that Katie suggested. Rather, it was how she used her expertise to put it all together in a successful sleep training program. I only wish I had started working with Katie sooner!”

— RF

“I requested assistance from one of the sleep consultants with Sleep Wise Consulting and was paired with Kelley.  I opted for a 15 min phone consultation then added a week of email correspondence for extra assistance.  The reason for reaching out was my pretty great 6 month old sleeper (usually 8-10 hours of sleep with no wake ups!) was continuing to rise early (5am).  Despite a month of dealing with the early wakes and cries, I was desperate to figure out how to fix it – I tried sneaking in a bottle, holding him in his dark room, doing 5 minute checks until wake time – none of it helped!  Although I was so pleased he could do so many hours on his own, I was getting frustrated that he couldn’t finish through and make it to at least 11 hours, which would be the best for his health and development.  Literally day one of her suggestions, my baby responded so well to 2 naps and within days was sleeping 6:45pm-6:30am.  It is hard work to stay consistent with a schedule but it has made such a difference in our home.  Now my baby is getting the rest he needs and in hand I am able to sleep better at night!  We are all happy and well rested!  Best decision to have an expert look at our day-to-day routines and to help us find a schedule that works for all of us. Thank you, Kelley!!”

— KK