“We love seeing our girls rested…”

We CANNOT thank Lindsay enough for all of her incredible support as we embarked on this sleep training journey. It was so hard at first and Lindsay talked us through every single step, even making herself available on Easter Sunday and any time beyond that when we just needed a gut check. She is awesome, the program is awesome. Our now 5 month old twins are sleeping 12 hours straight through the night and we keep pinching ourselves (and trying not to jinx it!) that we’ve been in this groove for about 3 weeks now. We love seeing our girls rested and we are so much more functional as humans because WE can rely upon consistent sleep. THANK YOU, Lindsay!!

— Emily, parent of 5 Month old twins

“My 18month old went from waking every 2-3 hours to sleeping over 10+ hours a night!!”

I was so nervous before working with Erica, thinking I would ruin my bond with my child, but she quickly put my mind at ease. My 18month old went from waking every 2-3 hours to sleeping over 10+ hours a night!! And the biggest adjustment we had to make was his wake windows. No screaming for hours like I thought sleep training was!!! My husband and I have quality time together at night and my son is happier in the morning. Thank you so much, Erica!!!

— Cara, parent of a 18 Month old

“Laura really changed our lives.”

Our 6 month old daughter had started out a pretty decent sleeper, but by 4 months, we hadn’t really developed a routine and she started waking frequently in the night. She wouldn’t nap during the day either and she would be very fussy by early evening. Bedtime was a nightmare for us. I was at the end of my rope and it had been months since I’d gotten more than 2-3 consecutive hours of sleep. Laura really changed our lives. After just a few days of working with her, Ada was sleeping through the night (10-12 hours). Within a few weeks of working with her, Ada was taking two 30-45 min naps almost daily and she has only been improving since! We can’t thank Laura enough for helping us nail down a schedule and allowing all of us to get the rest we so very much needed. I would highly suggest Sleep Wise to any struggling mom or dad! On Laura’s recommendation, we even ended up buying a Slumber Pod for traveling and Ada LOVES it!

— Lainey, parent of a 6 Month old

“My husband and I are so thankful for Monica’s guidance and help with our 5 month old daughter, Norah.”

After implementing our sleep plan Norah began sleeping 10-12 hours at night and taking solid daytime naps (prior we were struggling with early morning waking and short naps). Monica was also so kind and encouraging to me as a mom while working on Norah’s sleep at the same time as I was working through some postpartum depression. Her kindness, help and support were such a gift for this time in our family. We love finally getting consistent sleep back into our lives and have really noticed a difference in our 6 month old daughter’s mood now that she’s getting sleep too!

— Rebecca, parent of a 5 Month old

“Abby literally transformed my family’s quality of life!”

We went from Kobi waking up 4-7 (yes, seven) times per night and taking very inconsistent naps to Kobi reliably going down for naps with NO NIGHT WAKINGS! Sleep training is seriously amazing. My husband is the ultimate skeptic, and even he is happy with our results. I am more present with my family because I am no longer a walking zombie! THANK YOU ABBY!

— Susie, parent of a 5.5 Month old

“Sleep Wise has given me hope of resting the ENTIRE night again.”

Monica has not just improved our nights for the whole family, but instilled confidence in me as a mother once again. Waiting it out isn’t an option and Sleep Wise proved that.

— Giselle, parent of a 2.5 Year old

“Having Susan help us get our almost 2 year old to sleep on his own, in his own crib, and with good sleep habits has been life saving.”

Susan was by our side every step of the way and gave great advice while listening to every concern we had. I learned so much by working with Susan and would highly recommend her. Having a sleep consultant makes the process easier because you have someone there to help, motivate, encourage, and push you to continue and not give up.

— Jennifer, parent of a 22 Month old

“Sleep training changed our lives.”

I never thought my 20 month old would sleep through the night. I was terrified of the CIO method. But, am glad we did it. Sleep training changed our lives. We now have time for ourselves. I don’t spend an eternity trying to put my son to sleep. I don worry if he is going to skip his nap or if he is going to wake up multiple times. Now, I know for sure that he is going to sleep!!

— Krupa, parent of a 20 Month old

“Marissa was so good about answering my million questions…”

Alex was up frequently in the night and taking 20-30 min naps more often than not prior to working with Marissa. My first baby slept so much better without a lot of effort, we did EWS and were careful about full feeds, but that alone wasn’t working for Alex. Marissa gave me the courage to ditch the pacifier, which was probably one of the biggest reasons for his improved sleep, and helped me learn some other good tips on how to get him to sleep well. Our goal was one night waking by the time we were done, but he slept through the night a couple of times and has several times since. Marissa was so good about answering my million questions and taking her time to figure out my quirky kiddo. I was hesitant to spend the money but am so glad I did!

— Candice, parent of a 3 Month old

“We are a well rested family!!!”

My husband and I were in a very desperate state when we reached out to Lotem. We didn’t know there was such a thing to teach your 4 month baby to sleep. It turns out that we were doing many things that prevented a proper sleep pattern.On top of that my baby had the 4 month regression (a nightmare)… We had the graduation call recently and I’m still in awe of how easy and calmly my son goes to sleep now. We are forever grateful to Lotem who patiently answered all my questions, my concerns and even doubts of the process. If she wasn’t as patient, I don’t think I would have made it through. I will encourage every parent to start this process since day one. You, your significant other and your baby will thank me. And if you have $$ doubts like me, rest assured that is one of the best investments of your life.

— Parents of 4 month old Matias

“Kate and the sleep program she designed for us has been life changing!!”

We could not have gone through this journey without her. Seriously, I never thought my daughter would break her “only want to sleep in a stroller” habit after turning a year old. Kate gave us the confidence and the support that no internet page or book could ever provide us. Our daughter is now putting herself to sleep in her crib now… after a year of us bouncing and rocking her to sleep and sneaking out of her room. She is now sleeping 10-11 uninterrupted hours a night! My husband and I have our nights back… and most importantly… our sleep! This package was worth every penny!

— Lori, parent of a 13 month old

“she understood our parenting philosophy and environment…”

We were hesitant to try sleep consulting early, always thinking restful sleep (for all of us) was just around the corner. The trouble was, we knew what we DIDN’T want to do as parents, but were at a loss of what the respectful, gentle path to sleep looked like for our little one. When things got increasingly worse, we chose to give ourselves the wonderful gift of sleep approaching our daughter’s 2nd birthday. Since our initial phone call with Megan Kumpf, I knew it was the best parenting decision we’ve made. Megan was a great match for our Montessori family — she understood our parenting philosophy and environment, including our daughter’s flood bed. Her positive energy was always uplifting; she always remembered details from previous conversations or from our daily sleep log. I recommend Megan and Sleep Wise to any parent I hear struggling with their child(ren)’s sleep. Thank you for helping us all be a better, more rested family, Megan!

— Libby, parent of a 24 Month old

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