“I appreciated the flexibility in terms of the approach.”

Just three weeks ago I was spending hours in Orlagh’s room and trying to crawl out of there without her waking up and noticing. Now I can walk away at bedtime, she puts herself to sleep, and I am even get sleep at night!

Here’s the thing, you have to put the work in. If you do, it does work. I had my doubts because it can be hard in the moment. And when it’s feeling hard, it’s hard to see how this could even work. You have to trust the process.

I appreciated the flexibility in terms of the approach. Halie and I saw on night 1 that we needed to shift gears and do something different. We took a slower approach throughout our time together, which is what Orlagh and I both needed, and we still made it to the end!

— Nicole, parent of a 24 Month old

“I am so glad that we signed up with Halie!”

I was on the fence feeling 50/50 thinking, “They’re babies, they cant’t do this.” But yes they can! If we hadn’t done this, they’d still be in our room, waking up 10 times a night, and we’d be giving them their pacifiers all night long. Now they put themselves to sleep at nap time and bedtime and sleep right through in their own room!

Having Halie coach and support us was the most helpful part. As first time parents, we feel like we don’t know what we’re doing. The past two weeks we had Halie to lean on and really just always said, “Teacher, tell us what to do!” and it worked.

I was surprised at how fast it felt easy. After 3 nights I felt like we got this. I really thought it was going to be two weeks of hell and it wasn’t! If you’re reading this at 3am, stop overthinking and just do it. Stop taking advice from friends and the internet. If you’re on the brink of a meltdown because you’re exhausted and your baby(ies) aren’t sleeping, sign up now. Like Nike says, “Just do it.”

— Nicole, parent of 7 Month old twins

“Erica was a gamechanger for our son’s sleep!”

After 6 months of trying ourselves to get him to be a good sleeper, we needed help. Within 3 days, our boy was sleeping through the night and rocking longer naps then he had ever had! Our son also got sick after week 1 and Erica helped us navigate that too! Even when he was sick, he still was sleeping through the night. If it wasn’t for Erica and the foundation we had set with him the week before, I don’t know that we could have handled it well without her!

— Lauren, parent of a 6 Month old

“Cassandra was our wonderful sleep fairy!”

Baby girl Z was having a hard time getting good quality sleep and needed lots of help to fall asleep! My husband and I were lucky to get 6 hours of broken sleep a day by taking shifts caring for her. Cassandra was our wonderful sleep fairy! She developed a personalized plan and provided so much support to help us teach Z independent sleeping skills. She’s 3.5 months now and can sleep through the night in her own crib and only waking up once to eat. Z is more happy and rested- we owe it all to working with Cassandra!

— Jenan, parent of a 3 Month old

“I love that he’s getting more sleep than ever before and waking up happy.”

My 18mo tot went from regular 4:45am crying wakeups to consistent 6am smiling wakups! I really didn’t think this was possible but Marissa assured me it was. Marissa was great about suggesting new adjustments to his routine each time we met and explaining the logic behind everything. I also appreciate her flexibility being willing to schedule calls to whenever was convenient for me. I love that he’s getting more sleep than ever before and waking up happy. Thanks Marissa!

— Jewel, parent of a 18 Month old

“She changed our lives, and we are forever thankful!”

After four months we had tried every swaddle, sleep suit, pacifier, and gadget available. Yet even on our best days we could only get our baby girl, Samantha, to nap for 30 minutes at a time and sleep 3-4 hours on her own at night, at which point we would have to rock her, replace her pacifier, or even co-sleep for hours at a time.

We were nervous to make such a big change, but from the first phone call Erica was understanding, organized, and reassuring. She earned our trust immediately. And once we got started, she was amazing. She supported and encouraged us through the most challenging naps and nights, responded to all of our questions quickly, and helped us adapt to the new routine.

Baby Samantha slept her first full night halfway through our first week with Erica. We were so stunned we almost forgot to go to sleep ourselves. She now consistently sleeps 10-11 hours through the night (even slept through cutting her first 2 teeth) and naps from 1-2 hours for every nap! Saying “it was worth it” doesn’t do Erica justice. She changed our lives, and we are forever thankful!

— Carri, parent of a 4 Month old

“Marissa is so patient and understanding, especially to someone like me- a first time parent who had a lot of anxiety around my baby’s sleep.”

When we started with Marissa, our 3 month old would only take contact naps, scream in the car seat or stroller.. and would take 2+ hours to get down for the night, only to be up every 2/3 hours. I read every book and would spend hours on google trying to figure out how to get my baby to sleep. None of it worked, not even the snoo! Finally, I reached out to Marissa.

I was very hesitant to “sleep train” and had a hard time being consistent with Marissa’s recommendations.. which only made it harder for me and baby! Let’s be honest, there will be crying. But if you are consistent and trust the process (and your coach), it will be very short lived and progress will happen quickly.

Within weeks of committing to this process, our baby girl started to put herself to sleep peacefully and by 5 months would sleep 10-12 hours through the night with no feedings. Not only is she well rested and happy, but so are mom and dad!

We are so grateful to Marissa for all of her support. She has so much knowledge and truly cares about you and your baby.

— Anna, parent of a 6 Month old

“Working with Kaitlin was an absolute dream.”

We struggled with getting our son to sleep at night and naps for 10 months and were desperate. Kaitlin listened to our concerns, our specific needs and our wants for Owen. After a couple days Owen napped in his crib for the first time ever and within 1 week he dropped his night wakes. We now have an amazing sleeper and it’s all thanks to Kaitlin!

— Stephanie, parent of a 11 Month old

“We are so grateful!”

Erica Threet really helped to pull us out of a dark place with our 3 month old who was only napping for 30 minutes at a time, and waking 2 times a night. Bedtime in general was also a nightmare. Two weeks later, she’s giving us longer naps (sometimes 2 hours!) and last night she slept from 7:30p – 6:30a – woo!

— Hayley, parent of a 3 Month old

“Our experience with Neema was amazing.”

Every steps was very easy to follow. Our son is sleeping 11 hours at night on his own. This is a big change for him and family from being dependent on Ghodiyu and pacifier to sleep. We used to spend around 40 minutes to put him for a nap. Now he falls asleep on his own within 5 to 10 minutes during nap. He’s sleeping so much better now at night. We’re so proud of him. Neema has brought a peace in our family. We’re very thankful to her. I wish we had contacted her earlier instead of waiting for a year.

— Vishakha, parent of a 12 Month old

“Working with Nikki changed our lives!”

In the two weeks we worked with her, our 5 month old daughter went from needing to be rocked and nursed to sleep, wearing a Merlin sleep suit, waking several times through the night and only napping in carseat/stroller to being placed awake in crib wearing only a sleep blanket and sleeping 12 hours a night and having 2-3 good solid naps a day! It’s truly incredible. Nikki is so caring, thoughtful and supportive and really gave us the strength and confidence to sleep train our daughter. She was always very available to answer any questions or concerns we had. I cannot recommend her enough. If you’re a parent struggling with sleep, please know you don’t have to! There is help and support waiting for you.

— Erin, parent of a 5 Month old

“Sleep Wise and Halie are miracle workers!”

Our little girl will be 5 years old in just a couple of days. We spent the last 2 years with a chair at the door of her room, feeling like we were being held hostage. Once we thought she was asleep, we would try to escape like ninjas out of the room and close her door without waking her. This process could take between 15 minutes to an hour. If we woke her up (many times she was just waiting to see when we would leave), she would jump out of bed crying… begging us to stay. We would plead with her to get back into bed. She would not unless we sat back down into the chair and waited more time… hoping she would go back to sleep.

Once we were out of the room with success, there were nights that Evie would wake up from a bad dream and realize we were not sitting in the chair. She would start crying, turn on every light upstairs and cry herself to sleep on the balcony. My husband and I take turns doing her nightly routine. When it was my night, I would dread going through this ordeal. Some nights it was easy… some nights my stomach was in knots. Evie was upset and so were we.

My friend told me that she had the same problem with her little boy. She told me about Halie and Sleep Wise. She said she thought it would never work but it was like a miracle. She said her little boy was finally staying in bed and it was such a relief.

After one night of melt down after melt down with Evie, I found Halie’s contact information that my friend shared with me. The subject line was, “Help!”

Halie emailed me back and we scheduled a call to discuss the program. Jason and I were very skeptical that the program would work for us but we were desperate and ready to try. Knowing that my friend had success gave me a lot of hope.

Halie was so nice and helpful. She presented the program to us and we decided to go all in with the biggest package. Hailie said this would be a gift to Evie for her future. It would teach her to love her room, love sleep and we could finally take that dreaded chair out of Evie’s room.

Guys… we just finished week 3 and tonight I completed Evie’s routine, tucked her into bed, told her goodnight, closed her door and she fell asleep. A miracle!!!

If you decide to do the program, my biggest advice would be to follow the process to a t. Trust Halie or your Sleep Wise counselor… they know what they are doing. Jason and I were anxious about the different steps because of our past experience with Evie and sleep. Halie was there every step of the way and the results… we have peace… Evie is more rested and not upset at night… we have more quality time together after she is in bed. Such an amazing gift to our family!

If you are on the fence, I would say go ahead and sign up. You won’t regret it.

— Emily, parent of a 5 Year old

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