“Grace gave us a practical and effective plan…”

Before finding Sleepwise, bedtime was a 2 hr battle for our 3.5 year old. We were drawn to Sleepwise because of the experience the consultants had with older children. Grace gave us a practical and effective plan for handling the endless requests, stall tactics and tears and help Evelyne love her simple bedtime routine and sleep well!

— Parent of a 3.5 Year old

“Kelly was a lifesaver.”

I was in desperate need of help as my 8 week old wouldn’t fall asleep on his own, and the times he did nap- the naps only lasted 20 minutes. I was frustrated, struggling, feeling isolated and alone, feeling anxious, and at my wits end. Having another boy under 2 made it even more difficult to focus on my baby who needed more time than I could give. Kelly was patient, encouraging, genuine, always there when I needed her, and extremely helpful. My son now falls asleep independently, and he has 1-2 long naps per day which will only increase as he gets older I’m sure! And it doesn’t take my boy hours to go down at night- he falls asleep on his own without a pacifier or a swaddle! Kelly didn’t just help my son, but she helped me, my marriage, and my family.

— Katie, parent of a 2 Month old

“We are so grateful for Sleepwise Consulting and Sonja’s support.”

Getting to sleep was a traumatic experience both for us and our son with constant tears. With a thorough plan and guidance from Sonja, our son quickly learned to help himself to sleep and even asks us to turn off the lights! We were hesitant to go down the road of a sleep consultant but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to all my family and friends now!

— Hannah, parent of a 24 Month old

“We are forever grateful for Sleep Wise!”

We started working with Nikki when my daughter was 14 months old, my daughter was comfort nursing at night, and wouldn’t go down for a nap with anyone but me. It made getting her down to sleep a struggle, and we needed help! Nikki was amazing!! She truly listened to our needs and was so attentive on a daily basis while we navigated these new sleep routines. My daughter is now sleeping through the night, and can be put to bed by myself, my husband aunties, uncles or grandparents!!

— Michelle, parent of a 14 Month old

“Truly amazing.”

I was very reluctant to call Sleep Wise, but my husband insisted, and I’m so glad I did. Lindsay was instantly very comfortable to talk to and reassuring, and had great answers to all my questions and concerns. Our little Hadrian just turned 1, and has been sleeping 12 hours beautifully through the night for almost 6 months now, and naps and bedtime are so easy!  Thank you!!

— Parent of a 7 Month old

“I am so happy we decided to sleep train my son.”

I honestly thought it would be harder. But with Neema Patel’s help in a matter of 2 days he was already sleeping for most of the night. She designed a sleeping plan that was specific for my family’s needs, so grateful for her assistance. Can’t believe that at 9 months my baby is sleeping 12 hours at night

— Lorena, parent of a 9 Month old

“Nikki was amazing…”

A month ago, our LO was sleeping in our bed and nursing to soothe every 1-2 hours. Now, he puts himself to sleep in his own crib and sleeps 11 hours at night! Nikki was amazing to work with and really made the process as painless as possible. I would 100% recommend Nikki and Sleep Wise to anyone struggling with their child’s sleep and where to start!

— Allison, parent of a 6 Month old

“Nothing worked until we found out about Sleep Wise…”

My husband and I read every book, took online classes, & bought every sort of sleep swaddle you could think of to help our baby boy sleep. Nothing worked until we found out about Sleep Wise from a family member. Sleep Wise provided us with a sleep plan that was specific to Easton’s needs and a consultant who went above & beyond to help us every step of the way (Halie)! If you are struggling like we were please take my word for it & hire Sleep Wise. I promise it is 100% worth it!! Easton is 6 months old now, sleeps 12 hours a night in his crib, loves his nap time, & is on a set schedule!

— Kayley, parent of a 6 Month old

“In just under 3 weeks Courtney helped us fix our issues.”

We have been struggling with 5am-5:30am wakes for at least the past 6 months. We’ve researched and consulted with many and nothing seemed to work. In just under 3 weeks Courtney helped us fix our issues. The last week our little one has consistently slept 11.5-12 hrs and I would have sworn she was low sleep needs. She’s been so much happier throughout the day too!!

— Ashley, parent of a 20 Month old

“It was the best decision I made ever!”

I recommend sleep training through Sleep Wise to all moms. It’s amazing how much can change in 2, 3 weeks. We were desperate when we contacted Sleep Wise. And now, we’re happy, well rested and enjoy each other’s company. And most importantly, our kiddo is happy and well rested too.We could not recommend Kelly Anderson enough! Thank you Kelly for all you did.

— Nilou, parent of a 4.5 Month old

“We loved working with Kelly!”

With her help we were able to get our (teething) baby to sleep through the night within our time together! She also passed along great information that will be valuable if we encounter any set backs with our sons sleep. I feel confident that we are set up for success and I highly recommend this program.

— Kelly, parent of a 13 Month old

“It truly has been a blessing to work with Kelly.”

I had no idea where to begin on getting my twins to successfully nap at the SAME time in their cribs during the day. They were addicted to their swings and I was a wreck trying to figure out what each of them needed. Oh and bedtime was such a mess. Then in comes our “fairy sleepmother,” Kelly, who gracefully and patiently coached me through each step and transition. They now take amazing naps, and bedtime is such a sweet time I look forward to.

— Whitney, parent of 6 Month old twins

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