“Coming into the sleep wise program I wasn’t sure if it would work, but very quickly I realized that not only would it work, but it was simple enough to implement.”

With three other kids and little down time, I couldn’t read a stack of books to come up with a plan and cross my fingers that it worked. Marissa was calming and encouraging from the first phone call, and really helped me walk through the first few days of change, ultimately getting us all on a successful sleep schedule! She was responsive, intuitive, encouraging and helpful with each phone call/text/email. I’m thankful for her wisdom and expertise! My son was initially using nursing to fall asleep, but never stayed asleep and did this shortly after bedtime and all through the night. I was desperate for sleep! He is now thriving on our routine and goes to sleep happily and sleeps through the night. It is life changing, truly! I will recommend Marissa and SleepWise to friends who need help getting their babies/kids on track and getting a full nights sleep!

— Katie, parent of a 6 Month old

“Marissa was an amazing support”

After our 2nd was born, we were at a total loss on how to get her to sleep. Our first we figured it out on our own, but this one was a mystery. It took rocking, shushing, pacifier, carrying, everything! And all we got were 20 min naps. We were tired, she was tired – we wanted sleep. Then I was referred to Marissa, and we saw a change in just a couple of days. Our little 3 month old was sleeping 10 hours straight at night by the 2nd night and her naps extended to 40 mins by the 5th day. Marissa was an amazing support, not only in guiding us on what to do but also emotionally. THANK YOU, MARISSA!

— Stella, parent of a 3 Month old

“I promise you won’t regret it”

We used another sleep consultant company in the past with little success, so after hearing rave reviews we decided to work with Marissa from Sleepwise. We are so happy with our decision and we went from co-sleeping to falling asleep and sleeping through the night independently. If you are on the fence about whether or not to hire a sleep consultant, I promise you won’t regret it.

— Kelly, parent of a 24 Month old

“I am so impressed she is able to do this on her own and am so thankful for Erica’s expertise to get us here!”

I really didn’t know what to expect when I reached out to Erica. I just knew, something needed to change – having an active 4 year old at home in addition to our 8 month old, spending 2 hours in a bedtime routine + night wakings wasn’t working for our family. Erica jumped right in and helped create a schedule, made suggestions, and answered questions to create an optimal sleep environment for our daughter. With Erica’s guidance, we are in a routine that works for ALL of us! My daughter is on a schedule, happy as can be – I get to spend evening time with my 4 year old, and my husband even joined a weekly golf league since bedtime is now consistent and stress-free! Every night after I put our daughter to bed, I can’t wait to peek on our monitor to see her settling in.

— Jo, parent of a 8 Month old

“Crystal was so thoughtful and calming through our sleep training.”

She heard our concerns, gave us encouragement and allowed us to make the best decisions for our family.  We were hesitant at first, but now I feel so much more equipped and confident with sleep concerns.

Thank you Crystal!

— DeShea, parent of a 5 Month old

“This worked out too well!”

From the first conversation with Neema we knew this was going to work. She was incredibly thoughtful, considerate, approachable and had great knowledge that we learned from throughout this process. Honestly, I was incredibly skeptical at first and we hesitated joining. Now looking back I wish I had started this earlier it is such an investment for the entire family!

— Ami, parent of a 12 Month old

“If you told me a month ago that we would be sleeping through the night, I would have told you that you were insane.”

Our lives are completely changed.

Mila actually said the other day, “I used to be scared when I went to sleep in my bed but I’m not scared anymore!” Mila is a very, very, very strong willed little girl and she has gone through a massive transformation. She used to be scared of going to bed because of wolves or other animals she thought would get her. She doesn’t have those fears anymore!

When you’re in the thick of it and your kid is so scared, you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can’t see how this could possibly work. It feels like it could go on forever. You think your kid is too smart for this program or sure it could work for other children but not yours. For Mila, all of a sudden it just clicked. The first night she slept through, we weren’t sure if it was a fluke and we held our breath. But then it just kept getting easier and easier.

You just have to trust the process.

— Joe, parent of a 3 Year old

“I will use Megan over and over…”

Our 8 month old went from needing to be rocked and patted to sleep, sometimes a 45 minute plus ordeal for each nap and bed time, to putting herself to sleep quietly in a matter of a few days. She is our second baby to graduate from SleepWise and I will use Megan over and over again for any future babies. She takes her time to understand the issues and uses her expertise to correct them in the most gentle way possible for both baby and parent! Do not doubt the process, you will wish you started sooner!

— Amber, parent of a 8 Month old

“Thank you so much Marissa!”

We previously tried to sleep train our 5 month old on our own with a popular online program for a whole month before reaching out to Marissa. Despite our best efforts, our daughter was still having night wakings 2-3x, early morning wakings, lots of crying to sleep, slept in the merlin suit, and took very short naps that we had to continue in a swing (25min exactly every time). I finally decided to reach out for help, and within a couple days there was night and day improvement, and by the end of it she was sleeping through the night till 7am or later, taking 1.5-2hr naps (I often had to wake her!) transferred to a sleep sack and went down peaceful for naps and nights. I still can’t believe how big of a difference it made. Marissa was seriously a dream to work with! She is the sweetest thing ever and really dug deep to help us tweak even the tiniest little things that made the biggest difference for our daughter. We are so grateful for her and love knowing we always have someone to call on to help us through any future bumps or transitions. My biggest regret is not doing this from day 1, it would have saved so many tears.

— Colette, parent of a 5 Month old

“We are forever grateful for Marissa and Sleepwise!”

Our 3m old daughter struggled with severe reflux and we were hesitant to believe that a sleep program would even work for her. We were so wrong! Marissa was amazing in guiding us through the program and helping us teach our daughter the independent sleep skills she desperately needed. She slept 8.5 hours the first night!

— Sarah, parent of a 3 Month old

“We are so happy with the results after working with Grace!”

Our kiddo is now taking quality naps and putting himself to sleep. I never knew it was possible, but Grace’s thorough plan worked and now our son is thriving! I would recommend this program to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!!

— Jacob & Taylor, parents of a 7 Month old

“It’s worth every penny!”

The journey started with our son requiring one of us next to him while he fell asleep. He was up 2-3 times every night and nap time was hit or miss. Fast forward three weeks and he falls asleep on his own and doesn’t get up at night. He is also consistently napping. Sleep Wise Consulting bettered our lives and Erica’s support was incredible.

— Nick, parent of a 24 Month old

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