“We are forever grateful to Marissa…”

Our daughter went from being an amazing sleeper (thanks to an earlier infant sleep program) to waking up screaming at 5 AM (and sometimes earlier) every morning, experiencing middle-of-the-night wakings that left us so exhausted we ended up co-sleeping for half the night, and having absolute meltdowns if we left the room after saying goodnight (something that was previously a breeze). There were tears, screams, head banging, and, ultimately, a successful vault out of her crib onto the floor–all to get us back in the room. We knew we needed to not only retrain her, but to transition her to a toddler bed, so we hired Marissa from Sleep Wise. In just three weeks, Marissa had us successfully putting our barely-two-year-old to bed, leaving the room, and even closing the door every night; dropping her night wake-ups; and staying in bed until at least 6 AM every morning. We are forever grateful to Marissa for saving our sanity, as these issues coincided with the birth of our second baby–which means we were already sleep-deprived! We highly recommend her and the Sleep Wise team.

— Carolyn, parent of a 24 Month old

“We had an AMAZING experience with Sleep Wise!”

We started working with Halie when our baby girl was 8 weeks old. Within the first phone call our child was sleeping 8 hours at night! Within the first two weeks she was almost completely self soothing. A month into the program and Cora goes down for naps and bed time with complete ease. She is sleep prop free, no pacifier, puts herself to sleep and can even entertain herself until it’s time to get up! We have gotten 12 hours of sleep interrupted as well!! I would HIGHLY recommend this program to all parents! It was some of the best money we have ever spent!! Great habits and tools that Cora will carry with her the rest of her life.

— Shannon, parent of a 3 Month old

“I cannot believe the type of magic Neema does!”

My daughter was almost 2 years old and waking multiples times a night. With the help of Neema, she now sleeps throughout the night! She truly has so much patience and is so knowledgeable. I cannot recommend her enough. I will definitely be doing the newborn plan for my next baby. Thank you so much Neema!

— Nima, parent of a 24 Month old

“…she was sleeping through the night after only 2 nights.”

We were thrilled that we got a recommendation for Marissa to help with our 2nd child sleeping. I never dreamed that I needed help because I already had sleep trained my 1st child and she did amazing. Marissa helped me to realized that every child is different. I was relieved to hear that we didn’t have to do a “cry it out” since my daughter suffered from severe acid reflux that her weight needs to be monitored. With her help she was sleeping through the night after only 2 nights. She had so many great suggestions and was always so patient and kind. I highly recommend her and only wish I met her sooner.

— Cindy, parent of a 18 Month old

“I had a wonderful experience with Erica.”

She was there for me and my daughter through everything. My daughter got sick halfway through and she stayed with us until my daughter got back on track. My daughter now goes down for both naps without a fight and sleeps through the night. I am forever grateful for Erica and I would recommend her to anyone!

— Michele, parent of a 10 Month old

“Working with Nikki saved my life.”

After 18 months of sleepless nights I reached out to her because my entire family’s life had become completely unmanageable. We were nervous and full of doubt but Nikki was so kind and gentle and was so patient with helping us navigate this huge change while working towards our goals. She made us feel so comfortable and we knew we could trust her to guide our family through this transition. Our baby now sleeps like a dream, is eating and growing and developing more and more everyday. My husband and I now have so much more peace in our lives because of the sleep our little one is getting and the understanding of how to support a better routine for us all. I’ll be forever grateful to Nikki and the incredible change for the better she brought to our lives!

— Carolina, parent of a 18 Month old

“I couldn’t be happier.”

I knew I wanted baby #3 to sleep sooner than my first two and a sleep consultant was exactly what I needed to help me accomplish this! I tried sleep training with my other two but never fully committed which means it did not work. Halie was the perfect asset and best encourager! My baby started sleeping all night long in just a few days of working with her at not quite 12 weeks old.

— Rachel, parent of a 3 Month old

“This was hands down the best decision we could make for our family!”

We had a hard time figuring out the right schedule for our baby who was doing full wake windows in the middle of the night even when we followed all online recommendations we could find. Kelly made this process seamless and so easy to follow! Our baby was sleeping through the night instantly and falling asleep by himself without his pacifier or needing to be rocked. This has given us rest and time back in our evenings to relax. We 100% recommend this to anyone who wants better sleep for their baby and themselves!

— Danielle, parent of a 8 Month old

“Bringing Halie into our lives when the kiddos were newborns was absolutely priceless and the best parenting choice we have made!”

As new parents we were so lost on how to set a sleep routine for our newborn twins. Working with Halie gave us clear direction on the little habits that we would work on each week and gave us so much confidence. The weekly check-in’s are absolutely priceless as we learned so much every time we were able to talk with Halie on the phone. My husband and I made the commitment that we would follow the sleep plan and not google or take advice from others – only from Halie. Our twins are now 12 weeks old and sleeping 12 hours. Of all the money we spent prepping for the twins, Halie is one of the best investments we made for our kiddos!

— Karen, parent of 3 Month old twins

“Erica saved us.”

By the time Erica and I connected, my 3 month old baby would only sleep on me and my 2.5yr old refused to sleep, period. Erica made a plan for each of my boys that was the perfect fit for our family and had us all sleeping again quickly. Now my baby falls asleep on his own in his crib, and my husband doesn’t have to sleep on the floor of my toddler’s room to keep him in his bed. We are so grateful to Erica for helping us reclaim our nights, our sleep and our sanity.

— Molly, parent of a 3 & 24 Month old

“It has changed our lives!”

I came into this experience skeptical, but extremely desperate. Our son would only sleep for 20 minute stretches in his crib. We were exhausted and postpartum depression was seeping it’s way into my life because of my lack of sleep. After working with Kelly, our son is now sleeping for 7-9 hour stretches (12 total hours) with only one feed in the middle of the night. This all happened within a week of consistently following the guidelines laid out for us.  Money well spent! I would do it again in a heartbeat

Kelly was an angel. She didn’t make any of this feel impossible. She walked every step with us. But was also able to share with us the things that were hindering his best sleep possible. She was so knowledgeable, but was also able to use her experience as a mom to encourage me to follow my motherly instincts! She was a rockstar. I now tell everyone that Kelly is my new BFF.

— Hannah, parent of a 3 Month old

“This literally saved our sanity!!”

My daughter was the perfect sleeper and then it stopped!! After several months and being extremely exhausted, I hired Kaitlin to help bring my family some sanity. My 20-month-old was waking up multiple times during the night screaming for a cup of milk or because she had thrown her pacifier(s) out of the crib. My husband and I would have to give her milk AND sit and hold or rock her until she was done. After we would put her back in the crib, she’d scream and cry again. Did I mention that we were exhausted…and cranky?? I found Kaitlin through a Moms group and the rest is history. I knew immediately that I needed her services.

As a result of her working with my family, she helped us to take away the pacifier, remove the night light, and get my daughter to sleep for 11 hour stretches at night. She also takes a 2-hour nap during the day.  Now that we have my daughter on a set sleep schedule, I can give my 10-year-old the quality time that he deserves in the evening. Furthermore, my husband and I are resting again! This has been the best decision I’ve made thus far this year.

— Jennifer, parent of a 20 Month old

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