“My husband was skeptical that we needed it but he is a believer now after our little man sleeps 12+ hours at night.”

We put off official sleep training for over 6 months thinking we could do it on our own.. after a year of less sleep we decided to take the leap and were SO PLEASED with Marissa and how well the transition went! We now have a sleeping child, hallelujah! We thought we could figure it out but it wasn’t until Marissa really went through all our routines and sleeping individually with our son that we figured out what needed to change. We are forever grateful for the help and her patience. She is amazing and a baby whisperer! She was spot on.

— Ashley, parent of a 12 Month old

“Highly recommend Sleep Wise!”

Kelsey was an amazing help! She was available at anytime and went above and beyond for our family. She was kind, listened and genuinely cared for us. We are forever grateful for her help and how easy she made it!

— Jamie, parent of a 3 Month old

“After working with Michelle, our son is now sleeping through the night, and we have the tools/resources to help him.”

We are extremely grateful to our sleep consultant Michelle and the Sleep Wise program! Prior to working with Michelle, our son spent years waking up multiple times during the night. Thank you!

— Kristen, parent of a 5 Year old

“That determined and optimistic outlook, coupled with her calm and empathic demeanor, was just what our family needed during what was, truly, a very challenging time.”

It was a pleasure collaborating with Michelle. When we began our work together, we were certain that our daughter’s sleep problems were too entrenched, that we were “too far gone” to implement any lasting change. From our first phone call, Michelle was adamant that we could achieve our sleep goals, and reassured us (many times!) that she would stick by us until our work was definitively done. She kept her word, and today our family has such a better shared understanding around bedtime routines and expectations, our daughter is rested and sleeping through the night, and we’re all benefiting from the overall improved sense of peace that comes with that.

— Claire, parent of a 3 Year old

“Sleep Wise is a game changer and our son was sleeping through the night by 12 weeks.”

Kelsey was AMAZING for us with our newborn package. I always felt so supportive the entire way. Kelsey was very kind and though I didn’t know her personally, she felt like a friend. I plan on using this again when we have another- it is a MUST! Thank you Sleep Wise!

— Bradie, parent of a 1 Month old

“She empathized with me as a mother while educating me as my coach.”

I cannot recommend Ashley Gunder enough! Ashley not only made this entire process as smooth as possible for my sweet baby girl, but she listened, affirmed and encouraged me (and all my mama worries) through every step. There wasn’t a question that Ashley didn’t have the answer to. When we started this program my sweet girl was nursing to sleep, waking every one to two hours and only contact napping. Now, she sleeps 10 to 11 hours every night and naps independently with ease. I am so grateful that we went through this program and am forever thankful Ashley was our coach!

— Mackenzie, parent of a 7 Month old

“Up until we started working with Kelsey, our son had to be rocked to sleep, and we would hold our breath to make sure he stayed asleep when putting him down.”

We cannot thank Kelsey enough for her help with our 3 month old’s sleep! This created a huge amount of anxiety! Not to mention he never slept in his crib until now! In a very short amount of time, he was able to learn how to put himself to sleep independently. Kelsey exceeded our expectations with her responsiveness and patience with all my first time mom questions. Also wanted to put a plug for the REM membership which provides ongoing support for our little one and has tons of resources as well. We are so happy to be part of the Sleep Wise community!

— Mindy, parent of a 3 Month old

“I loved co-sleeping, but I realized that neither one of us was getting quality sleep.”

I started co-sleeping with my son from birth until he was 7 months old. I knew something had to change when I woke up feeling dizzy with such sleep debt! I contacted my postpartum doula and she recommended I connect with Ashley Gunder from Sleep Wise Consulting. I immediately felt relief after my first consultation call with Ashley! The plan she talked about sounded so doable and I was so ready to put in all the work to get a better sleep schedule for my son (and for me!). Though Ashley was helping us remotely, it truly felt like she was right there with us – easing the process, letting us know what to expect, and encouraging us. Now my son is such a great bedtime sleeper and nap sleeper! He is confident when I put him in the crib (and even a pack and play for when we travel). Ashley is truly an amazing person to help anyone on this journey! The only thing I would change about my process is to have done it sooner. I’m so thankful for Ashley and Sleep Wise Consulting!

— Rachel, parent of a 7 Month old

“Thanks to Desiree and Sleep Wise, our “no nap queen” finally naps and sleeps great!”

Our daughter didn’t take naps (unless it was in the car) and putting her down for the night took hours of screaming and crying (mostly her, sometimes my husband and I). She can now lay in bed and fall asleep within minutes. We didn’t realize how much she needed the space to learn to self soothe, but after having the tools and resources to learn more about her sleep habits, she was able to do so all by herself! Oh, did I mention we no longer feel like zombies? Thanks again Desiree for your patience and willingness to work through any scenario.

— Angela, parent of a 10 Month old

“We’ve gotten through rolling, teething, illness, you name it, without any significant sleep setbacks.”

It is not an exaggeration to say that discovering Sleep Wise and the incredible Kelsey Hotchkiss was nothing short of life-changing for me and my family. Before we started working with Kelsey, my baby had never taken a tap in her crib or fallen asleep independently. She was nursing to sleep every night and taking terrible, not-very-restful naps in the carrier. I was absolutely exhausted. Within one week of working with Kelsey, my baby was taking 3 naps a day in her crib and putting herself to sleep every night. It was literally life-changing. And once my baby started getting restorative sleep, she was an infinitely happier baby — it was incredible to see. We said goodbye to all the random screaming! I wish people understood that the younger you work with Sleep Wise, the less your baby will cry and the easier it will be. We only had a few days of crying before my baby mastered independent sleep, and with Kelsey’s help tweaking wake windows we saw much faster success than I had with my own DIY efforts. And the best part is, these skills have continued to work long after our two weeks with Kelsey! I feel confident than anyone who truly embraces the Sleep Wise principles and understands the concepts behind the “rules” will be successful. And when we’ve had new issues crop up, the continued support from Sleep Wise in the Facebook group is worth every penny for troubleshooting. I will honestly never be able to express my gratitude to Kelsey for her work. It was more than just sleep training — it completely changed my parenting approach and experience. THANK YOU KELSEY! You are amazing!

— Eliza, parent of a 3 Month old

“We are getting lots of rest now, but really the best part is our baby is waking up so happy and well rested.”

We were having such a hard time getting our baby girl June to sleep for more than 3 hours on any given night, and we reached a point of exhaustion fairly quickly. We called Sleep Wise and Cassandra was there to help us get our girl to sleep long hours. We can’t believe how quickly June started sleeping again once we put our plan in action. Cassandra continues to support us as we navigate through June’s changing habits and we are so lucky to have her in our corner throughout this journey.

— Tony, parent of a 12 Month old

“We had a challenging baby who would only contact nap and Kelsey helped us navigate this slowly and gently.”

We can’t recommend Kelsey at Sleep Wise enough. She was so patient and kind with us throughout the entire process of our newborn package. She never pushed us to do anything we weren’t completely comfortable with. Even when we felt like we weren’t doing enough or not making enough progress during the week, she assured us that what was happening with our baby was developmentally normal based on age and everything would come with time as we eased our baby into learning independent sleep. After much work and Kelsey’s support, our baby is now sleeping independently for both naps and bedtime. Our baby is better rested and happier overall. As parents, we also feel that we’re able to be more present since we too are well-rested.

We also joined REM for further support where we have the ability to ask daily questions. It has helped us to continue to make adjustments as our baby grows and changes. Kelsey has made such a huge difference in our family and I don’t know what we would have done without her! Thank you Sleep Wise for providing incredible support and resources to help us navigate this time in our lives.

— Krista, parent of a 1 Month old