“Sleep Wise was the best decision we made as new parents!”

Our little guy went from waking up multiple times a night and never taking more than a 30/40 min nap to sleeping 7-7 and taking predictable, long naps throughout the day. He is much happier, eating better and loves the routine. As working parents we love being rested to be able to tackle both of our full time jobs. Lauren was phenomenal from start to finish of the program! She communicated with us often and was quick to share resources and tips while coaching us. We highly recommend Sleep Wise to any parent struggling with sleep!

— Gabby, parent of a 3 Month old

“10/10 recommend Sleepwise and Cassandra!”

Too be honest, I was skeptical that I could get my little man sleeping 10-12 hours. We started with all the props (swaddle, paci.. you name it). I was certain it would be a struggle making all those transitions. Cassandra was amazing to work with, always a text or email away to help us with hurdles. On our initial consultation my goals were to be able to spend time at night with my husband all the while having a rested, happy baby! Thankful that we now have that and more!

— Melissa, parent of a 3 Month old

“Erica truly changed our life and our daughter’s sleep habits!”

Our 16 month old had never slept through the night, was super dependent on several sleep props and was an extremely poor sleeper. Erica really listened to us and created a personalized sleep plan that perfectly suited our lifestyle and forever changed our daughter’s sleep patterns. She thoroughly walked us through the plan and supported us throughout the training process. Now our daughter sleeps through the night with no complaints. We are so grateful for her help and support and for giving us the much needed sleep and rest!

— Revati, parent of a 16 Month old

“I highly recommend Erika!”

Prior to sleep training I was nursing my baby to sleep all throughout the night! She would probably wake between 5-10 times!! 99% of our naps were contact naps. Erika assured me that my baby could learn the skill of going down independently and worked around our unique situation (baby is on
meds) to help develop a routine. My baby is now sleeping safely in her crib for both nights and naps! My baby’s naps have now consolidated and I now have to wake her up from her naps .. a good problem I thought I’d never have. If you’re anxious about getting started, I highly recommend Erika! The text message support was so helpful! You won’t regret it.

— Priscilla, parent of a 7 Month old

“We are SO grateful and fortunate to have found Marissa!”

Within days our lives were changed. I was trying everything I could and nothing was working anymore. I was slightly panicked. Our baby girl went from always looking tired and crying often due to lack of sleep, to being a happy, cheerful baby during her wake times. I thought she didn’t like the car seat because she screamed on every car ride, it turns out she was just over tired and couldn’t handle small changes without proper sleep. She goes down happy and peacefully, and sleeps full nights and naps. She is joyful and watches out the window on car trips, unless she is taking a nap. I just took her on a road trip from Florida to Indiana where I stayed at a hotel for 7 days. She went to sleep on the road and the entire trip like a pro, and we had an amazing time! Thank you, a million times over for the help and education you provided us with, Marissa.

— Jenell, parent of a 4 Month old

“Marissa was amazing!”

Our family struggled for months with our daughter’s sleep. We tried to follow sleep tips we found online, but weren’t consistent and found ourselves dreading nights. When things weren’t getting better, we contacted Sleep Wise. Marissa was amazing! She gave us a plan that was so simple, and within one night, our daughter was already putting herself to sleep. Now, she doesn’t have any issues sleeping at night, which has taken so much stress off of us. The change has been so amazing that I wish we had done this sooner. Sleep Wise was one of the best investments we have ever made for our family and I would definitely work with them again if the need comes up again for our family.

— Jessie, parent of a 9 Month old

“We worked with Kaitlin to help get our 3 year old daughter back on track.”

She’d always been a great sleeper, but when her little brother arrived, we hit a major sleep regression. Not only were we having trouble getting her to get in bed, she was waking up multiple times a night.

After working with Kaitlin, within a week, our daughter started going down easier and sleeping through the night. We could not be happier with our results!

— Kaitlin, parent of a 3 Year old

“Our home is much happier when we’re all well rested :)”

Our almost 8 month old was all of a sudden waking every hour and nursing for comfort to go back to sleep. We were tired and so was baby. We connected with Ashley who was extremely thorough, clear, and so supportive throughout the process.

I was skeptical—it seemed impossible to go from waking every hour to sleeping though the night. Sure enough after the first night my son slept through the night. He learned so quickly how to soothe himself to sleep and stay asleep. Once he caught up on the sleep he was missing he is noticeably happier during wake times, eating well, and getting great naps during the day.

We’re so glad we reached out for help! Thank you Ashley for helping us get our life back!

— Kaycee, parent of a 8 Month old

“Lauren was amazing to work with!”

When we started my 10 month old was barely napping at all, unless it was a contact nap. And was waking several times a night. He’s now taking two great independent naps at daycare, and sleeping through the night- 7ish to 6/6:30 with no wakings. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Lauren and Sleepwise changed our lives! I love that Lauren took what was happening and changed up the plan to see what worked for my son. You are not getting a one size fits all solution, because no child is the same! I cannot say enough great things about this program. It’s possibly the best decision I have made for my son to date.

— Stephanie, parent of a 10 Month old


We loved working with Sonja – she was compassionate, kind, and worked with our schedule to get our sweet little girl sleeping. From not getting much sleep, to our 8 month old napping two times a day and sleeping overnight, the work Sonja has done for our family is incredible. Highly recommend this program to every family!

— Shannan, parent of a 6 Month old