“Kaitlin was so supportive and wonderful to work with!”

Beyond happy with our decision to use Kaitlin to assist us with transitioning Miller to his crib and to sleep through the night. Took less than a week to get him sleeping through the night in his crib with no props. His daytime schedule is much more predictable and he is an overall happier baby.

— Melissa, parent of a 3 Month old

“It was so wonderful to work with Neema to have our toddler sleep trained.”

Our daughter Rayna, was a co-sleeper so we thought it would be really difficult. But Neema made it so easy for us, thanks to her thorough planning and years of experience of doing this. She really knows her stuff! She made a customized plan that met our needs and helped us get comfortable with the new routine.
Rayna did great for 3 weeks and then threw a curve ball (at the end of our consultation plan). Neema was extremely nice and gracious enough to guide us even after that. Thankfully she bought Rayna back on track in no time! We loved working with Neema and highly recommend using her for our sleep training journey! Its worth every penny!

— Ruchi, parent of a 23 Month old

“Nikki was just fantastic!”

Our daughter’s sleep habits absolutely fell apart when she turned 2 years old. Nikki was able to answer my never-ending questions and alleviate my concerns on almost a daily basis. I found it especially comforting that I could turn to her for guidance whenever we ran into an issue with our daughter’s sleep schedule. Thanks to Nikki, our entire house is back to getting a good night’s sleep!

— Carolyn, parent of a 24 Month old

“This was worth every penny to get my family’s sleep back on track.”

I was having to sleep with my 3 year old daughter so we could get a good night’s rest. After working with Neema, she goes to bed after her night time routine and falls asleep within 12 minutes on her own! We are so happy we did this, thank you!!

— Lisa, parent of a 3 Year old

“My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told him all I wanted was BETTER SLEEP for our family.”

Thanks to Andrea at Sleep Wise, that happened!! She guided us through getting our toddler to sleep independently, lose the paci, sleep through the night, and no more early wake-ups. What a gift to give ourselves!! Thanks Andrea for your help, humor, and encouragement!!

— Jen, parent of a 24 Month old

“Our Sleep Wise consultant, Laura, was absolutely fantastic and we are convinced she is a sleep wizard!”

When we initially connected with her, our foster son was eight months old, and we were eight months sleep deprived. We invested in Sleep Wise Diamond package and after a few weeks of working with Laura, our little guy is sleeping ten to eleven hours straight through the night! With a predictable bed time routine each night, we gained back time as a couple to reset at the end of the day and get ready for the next one. We are all happier, calmer, and more rested! If you are struggling like we were, we highly recommend connecting with Laura and starting your journey to sleep!

— Alana, parent of a 8 Month old

“The best part is knowing our baby is getting the rest he needs and he is a much happier because of it!”

The idea of going back to work on little sleep every night was giving me anxiety. I reached out to Kaitlin and I am so glad that I did! My son is sleeping through the night at 4 months old and I am able to get the sleep that I need to make it through the hectic work day. Kaitlin was so easy to reach and guided me through every step.

— Gabriel, parent of a 4 Month old

“This exceeded our expectation and we are sorry we were so skeptical!”

Going into this program, our expectations were very low. We were really surprised at the ease of the process from the information Halie gave us to seeing actual results on night 1!

We were looking for relief from the mental load of being with Orson all day including every single nap. Prior to this, he had to be bounced on a yoga ball for every sleep. We got our nights back and can spend time together now. We feel way more human again. This exceeded our expectation and we are sorry we were so skeptical!

We would tell parents considering doing this that it’s easier than it seems. Orson actually cried less with this than he did before when we had all of our sleep crutches. So the argument that sleep training is just letting your baby cry or is bad is an ineffective argument. We were definitely proved wrong!

— Mariya and Chris, parents of a 3 Month old

“This has been life changing for us!”

We worked with Kelsey and she was so genuine with all of her support and so easy to talk to.
During the consultation call Kelsey told us that this program is guaranteed to work and our baby will learn to sleep through the night. To be honest, we did not believe it was possible. But, we were desperate for sleep so we decided to give it a try. I am so happy we did because our 5 month old who was previously up every 2-3 hours was now able to sleep 12 hours within 3 nights. I no longer feel like a Zombie trying to survive. I would definitely recommend this to any parent in need of some sleep support.

— Kristina, parent of a 5 Month old

“My baby’s sleep has improved immensely!”

Erica was patient, and understood each challenge we faced, and helped us to come up with a sensible plan that worked! I would do this again in a heartbeat. Baby is going to sleep on his own, and sleeping through the night, sometimes 12 hours. I didn’t think it was possible. Thank you, Erica and SleepWise!

— Jennifer, parent of a 12 Month old

“Highly recommend Sleep Wise!”

We used Sleep Wise for our 6 month old baby boy who was struggling with sleeping through the night. After trying everything on our own, we reached out to Kelsey with Sleep Wise. My only wish was that we would have reached out sooner! Kelsey was incredible and a blessing to our family. Our whole family sleeps better now and we have the confidence to help baby boy stay on track!

— Kayla, parent of a 6 Month old

“Sleepwise Consulting is the best purchase I’ve EVER made.”

We did the Gold Package for our newborn baby, who now sleeps the entire night in her crib, takes great naps, and has AMAZING habits that will set her up for healthy growth & development.

Our consultant was/is Kelsey Hotchkiss, and we are so grateful for her. She is so flexible, accommodating, and relatable. She really supported us every step of the way, replied quickly (even when I’d send her questions at strange hours), and catered to what we were going through.

As a new mom, you question and worry about everything. This service gave me a resource to rely on for clarity, advice, and tips that help me be a better mom every day.

Don’t hesitate to sign up – you won’t regret it. 🙂

— Laurel, parent of a Newborn

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