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Casey Mayo

Tulsa, OK

My name is Casey Mayo and I’m a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant on the Sleep Wise Consulting team. I live in beautiful Los Angeles, CA with my husband, Cody and my two kids, Max and Lucy.

Casey’s story

Prior to joining the Sleep Wise Consulting team, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma.

When my first was born, I was prepared. I read all the books and sought help from countless other women. I brought home this bundle from the hospital, wrapped in pink and perfect. But the dream wasn’t perfect. She struggled to nap, struggled going to sleep for the night and cried endlessly. We quickly realized that this parenthood thing takes lots of work. After buckling down and figuring out a plan, we had her sleeping through the night. We were sleeping and we were finally thriving as a family.

When my second came along, I was thrown for a loop (as so many mamas are).

I was confused that he wasn’t fitting into the mold that my first had. He took more work, and a few more sleepless nights, but before we knew it he too was sleeping peacefully through the night and taking restful naps through the day. Based on my experiences with my own kids and my comprehensive training, I’ve realized that families need this information.

Every baby has their own unique needs; every family has their differences. I am here to help you discover just that.

I am here to help you and your family bring peace into your home. You don’t need to feel helpless; you don’t need to feel lost. This baby raising business can be beautiful….and restful!

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